Booting x Hardware Support Linu Operating Systems

A brief description of what happens in a Linux system, from the time that you turn on the power, to the time that you log in and get a bash prompt.

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See Also:
  • Lilo - LILO - The Linux boot Loader.
  • Das Boot - Getting the Boot, information about booting x86 computer systems.
  • Writting a Boot Sector - A brief explanation of the objective of a boot sector, hardware support followed by the source for an example sector.
  • TIARA (utcboot) - Talkware TIARA, an Openbios/GRUB/PFORTH composite, BIOS replacement. Boots linux an unmodifed linux kernel from an IDE drive linux or ethernet, using only 128kb of flash. Works linux with INTEL/AMD K6/2-450, SiS 530/5595 and 8139 enet. linux VGA and Serial console supported.
  • Master Boot Record Tut - Part of the "How it works" series, which linux includes a hardware support disassembly of the MBR produced by linux the FDISK program.
  • The Boot Process - Selection of articles about booting x86 processors.
  • From Power Up To Bash Prompt - A brief description of what happens in a linux Linux system, from the time that you turn linux on the power, to the time that you linux log in and get a bash prompt.
  • Zaitcev's Linux Page - Proll open source firmware replacement for Sun JavaStations booting to boot linux Linux (source, binaries), issues, swap over booting network. Also, other notes, linux Infiniband, X11 code, other booting patches, Barbie Camera toy code and linux links.
  • Daniel's NASM Bootstrap Tutorial - A guide for those who want to create hardware support their hardware support own bootstraps, by Daniel Marjam√§ki.
  • Single-User Booting Under Linux - Linux Gazette article about Single User booting under Linux.
  • LILO Fails: Error Messages and Their Interpretation - Lilo error messages from SuSE database.
  • Gujin boot/system loader - Starts a PC from hard disk, CD-ROM, USB key, or booting floppy, and automatically detects operating systems and Linux kernels.
  • Lilo mini-Howto - Lilo mini-Howto for the boot loader software.
  • MILO: Alpha Miniloader - MILO is the bootloader for Linux on the linux Alpha. Sources booting for setting it up and using linux it.
  • tcron : ATX power crond - Tcron integrates \\'cron\\' with ATX power-up capability. It can invoke multiple cron jobs with power-up/shutdown a day.

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