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A kernel module that detects and stops overflow attacks, like Linux Buffer Overflow attack security, which aim to get an interactive access to the system.

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See Also:
  • Dranch: TrinityOS - Step by step, example driven, HOWTO on building linux a Linux linux box with an aim towards strong linux security. Also, links to linux resources and mailing lists.
  • Linux Security - Linux Security, server hardening, 1U server, 24x7 server operating systems admin, monitoring, IDS, NDS, firewalls
  • SSH, the Secure Shell: The Definitive Guide - This is a companion website for "SSH: The linux Secure Shell The Definitive Guide" by Daniel linux Barrett and Richard Silverman (O\\'Reilly, 2003). It linux contains technical details on the SSH as well linux as sample book material.
  • Linux Audit and Intrusion Detection - InterSect Alliance are the creators of the SNARE linux Linux C2-style operating systems Audit module, and have a consulting linux background in advanced audit operating systems analysis, intrusion detection systems, linux and forensics for Unix and other operating systems operating systems.
  • LinuxSecure - This site on Linux and security covers firewalls (iptables), intrusion operating systems detection systems (snort), securing services, and Linux security in general. operating systems The aim is to provide information about protection, detection, and operating systems reaction with respect to attacks.
  • StegFS - A Steganographic File System for Linux - Not only does it encrypt data, it also hides it such that it cannot be proved to be there.
  • Packetstorm - Security updates and news bulletins, mostly Linux but also NT. security Provides software tips and links.
  • Penetrator Megablaster - A kernel module that detects and stops overflow linux attacks, like Linux Buffer Overflow attack security, which linux aim to get an interactive access to the linux system.
  • Linuxbroker - Security - Linuxbroker provides all types of resources you need like Linux newsgroups search engine, daily news, howtos, applications releases tracking and security alerts.
  • Exploit World - Linux Section - Known vulnerabilities on the Linux system with detailed security description.
  • Console Password Manager (CPM) - Designed for System Administrators, to handle user logins linux for several security computers running Linux. It works with linux a console interface, based security on the CDK library linux that uses ncurses. Import data from security csv files linux and export to text files with a free security linux definable format.
  • Googgun Technologies Praetor module - Praetor is a kernel-based "Security Enabler" for Linux that provides operating systems fine-grained access control.
  • Hacking Linux Exposed - Companion Website to Hacking Linux Exposed, Osborne/McGraw-Hill. linux Source code from the book, updates, and other linux tools to secure your Linux system.

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