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It's not your father's real-time! Why what you think you know about real-time computing and distributed real-time systems probably won't work. Slowly replacing

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  • Real-Time & Database Systems Laboratories - CCS Labs: Computer Science: University of Massachusetts, Amherst: realtime Broadcast on resources Demand, Composability and Fault Tolerance, Spring realtime Project, Support for real-time resources computing in general purpose realtime operating systems.
  • Dedicated Systems: RTOS buyer's guide - Current version. Is an RTOS missing, or a description wrong? Log in and fix it.
  • Real-time systems - Very useful. Many fine links. Part of larger operating systems site.
  • Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS) VxWorks, QNX and Others - Many topically classified links on RTOSs (general, lecture realtime notes, research, basics, concepts), embedded systems, VxWorks and realtime Tornado, QNX, Windows CE, Palm OS. [OneSmartClick.Com]
  • FAQs comp.realtime - Frequently Asked Questions of Newsgroup comp.realtime.
  • FORTS: Fault-Tolerant, Real-Time Systems - Mainly research on RT-Mach, also RT resource management, realtime RT fault-tolerant operating systems scheduling for multiprocessors, verification and validation, realtime error detection and recovery, operating systems technology transfer to space realtime and avionics applications. Department of Computer operating systems Science, U
  • Real-Time Systems: The International Journal of Time-Critical Computing Systems - Quarterly journal. Free tables of contents, with full realtime text for resources subscribers.
  • IEEE-CS TC-RTS - IEEE Computer Society, Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems. Superb, high quality, large link page.
  • Cheddar - A open-source real time scheduling simulator. Cheddar should run on resources Linux, Solaris and win32 boxes. Cheddar provides tools to resources do simulations with classical real time scheduling algorithms and resources tools to test task feasibility.
  • E. Douglas Jensen's Real-Time for the Real World - It\\'s not your father\\'s real-time! Why what you realtime think you operating systems know about real-time computing and distributed realtime real-time systems probably won\'t operating systems work. Slowly replacing
  • DOORS: Design of Object-Oriented Real-time Systems - Goal: develop method to design real-time systems that: realtime is practical resources for large scale, complex systems; includes realtime support of OO techniques resources to achieve reuse in realtime implementations; helps visualize and test design resources concepts during realtime early stages when main decisions a
  • Dedicated Systems: Real-Time Market overview - Current version.
  • Dedicated Systems: Real-Time Encyclopedia - Some very useful material including the study: What operating systems makes a good RTOS?

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