ThreadX Realtime Operating Systems Software

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  • Express Logic, Inc. - Makes ThreadX RTOS, picokernel, portable, scalable, preemption threshold, realtime supports many operating systems processors from small microcontrollers to high-performance realtime RISC and DSP; full operating systems IDE support from leading realtime compiler/debugger makers. No royalty on all operating systems products.
  • ThreadX - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • Oki Selects Express Logic's ThreadX RTOS for ARM Microcontrollers - No royalty RTOS maker announces its ThreadX is selected by Oki Semiconductor as preferred for its new line of low-level 32-bit controllers using industry-leading ARM7TDMI processor, and related development systems. [Embedded Star]
  • Green Hills Software, Inc. - Sells, supports ThreadX, efficient, no-royalty, full C source, threadx robust RTOS, gives realtime embedded developers technically advanced threadx multitasking system, picokernel gives very high-performance with very threadx small memory needs.

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