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eCos stands for embedded Configurable OS. It was begun by Cygnus. Then Red Hat, Inc., bought Cygnus and merged it into Red Hat. Now, eCosCentric Ltd. (UK), manages eCos. It is a royalty free, open source RTOS for embedded systems, and 50% of the RTOS market using in-house developed kernels. Highly configurable almost down to subroutine level: application-specific. All aspects of kernel configurable: over 300 possible configuration parameters. POSIX and Japanese uITRON compatibility layers, TCP/IP, PPP, SNMP, filesystems, and more. Full architecture simulator of many semiconductor firm evaluation boards.

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  • eCosCentric Ltd. - Commercial provider, maintainer of eCos RTOS; no royalty or license operating systems fee, highly configurable (300+ parameters) for embedded systems, runs on operating systems most major processors; founded 2002; software, consulting, development, resources. [Open operating systems Source]
  • Embedded Software Development with eCos - By Anthony J. Massa; Prentice Hall, 2003, ISBN ecos 0130354732, with realtime CD. How to build low-cost, royalty-free ecos embedded systems; covers architecture, realtime installing, configuring, coding, debugging, ecos bootstrapping, porting, other open source software realtime components to ecos ext
  • eCos - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • eCos Porting Guide - Tutorial to get OS up and running on ecos new hardware; ecos the first task when using any ecos new OS. By Anthony ecos J. Massa,
  • eCos Home - Was Cygnus eCos Sourceware page; Sourceware was Cygnus operating systems term realtime for their free, open source software; then operating systems was Red realtime Hat page. This was/is the page operating systems where open source realtime aspects of eCos are arranged. operating systems Descriptions, documents, fora, downloads.

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