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Dynamic configurable kernel architecture to support hard/soft/non realtime use with interchangeable scheduling algorithms: fully modular in scheduling policies, aperiodic servers, concurrency control protocols; all not modular in most traditional OSs. Der

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See Also:
  • Katix - Realtime OS (Katix RTOS) and Katix Embedded Linux operating systems (Black Cat Linux). [Open source]
  • S.Ha.R.K. - Dynamic configurable kernel architecture to support hard/soft/non realtime operating systems use operating systems with interchangeable scheduling algorithms: fully modular in operating systems scheduling policies, operating systems aperiodic servers, concurrency control protocols; all operating systems not modular in operating systems most traditional OSs. Der
  • rtmk - Realtime microkernel: preemptive, fully re-entrant, multithreaded, SMP, continuations, open source full realtime locking primitives; shares many ideas with Mach, open source developed by realtime CMU in late 1980\\'s, early 1990\\'s, open source stopped in 1994. realtime [GPL]
  • E.R.I.K.A. - Microkernel RTOSs and set of integrated tools to open source develop embedded realtime applications, made to support all open source architectures used in power train controllers in automotive open source industry. Kernels have 2 main layers: Kernel Layer, open source Hardware Abstraction Layer, HAL. [
  • Nilsen Elektronikk AS - Makes 2 very small, open source realtime OSs open source for operating systems embedded systems, written in C: proc Real-Time open source Kernel, preemptive, operating systems mature; nesos Finite State Machine Operating open source System (FSMOS), modular, operating systems use concurrent programming methods in open source little time and space. operating systems Also: ne
  • CarbonKernel - RTOS simulator based on event-driven simulation methods with open source concurrent operating systems target debugging abilities, mimics OS behavior, to open source implement and operating systems test embedded software on workstations. Descriptions, open source downloads, documents. [Savannah, operating systems Open Source, GPL]
  • Solar_OS - Also Sol_OS; goals: realtime, coded in 32-bit ASM, open source fast, very simple, small, cooperative multitasking, programs have open source full hardware control, modern OOP GUI, suitable for open source desktop targets. Open source, GPL.
  • RTMX, Inc. - Makes RTMX O/S: IEEE POSIX realtime extensions to OpenBSD, with open source vendor specific ports for embedded, dedicated systems, application specific Internet/intranet open source servers. Many fine features. North Carolina, USA.
  • Linux Journal: Open Source Software for Real-Time Solutions - Compares 2 open source OSs for embedded uses: operating systems RTLinux, eCOS by Cygnus.
  • BeRTOS - A free real time operating system suitable for operating systems embedded platforms. Runs on several microprocessors and microcontrollers, operating systems ranging from 8 bits to 32 bits and operating systems on personal computers.
  • RET & COM Research - Makes RadiOS, Radiant Operating System; realtime, multitasking, multiuser, open source for i386+, written in all assembly in NASM. open source Goal: create OS that combines all advantages of open source OS/2 and Unix; ftp downloads. [Public Domain]

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