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This category has information related to only Realtime Linux, in other words, Linux-based realtime OSs and closely related material. Realtime systems are not the same as embedded systems. Realtime OSs can be used in general purpose computers, and in embedded types.

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See Also:
  • RTLinux: An Interview with Victor Yodaiken - RTLinux\\'s main architect gives advice for budding computer linux scientists. [ACM Crossroads]
  • OCERA - Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications: integrated execution environment for embedded realtime programs. Combines 2 kernels, Linux and RTLinux-GPL to support critical tasks (RTLinux-GPL executive) and soft realtime programs (Linux kernel).
  • Linux, Real-Time Linux, & IPC - When dealing with realtime systems, IPC overhead becomes linux important; examines operating systems two of the best IPC mechanisms linux available for Linux: FIFO, operating systems shared memory. [Dr. Dobb\'s linux Journal]
  • - Wiki for DIAPM RTAI RealTime extension to Linux; much information, instructions, tips, success stories, related projects, links, bootable CDs.
  • RTLinux - Growing article, with links to many related topics. linux Wikipedia.
  • Team Takes Different Path to Real-time Linux - RTLinux doesn\\'t try to change Linux into an linux RTOS, it operating systems instead provides a new RT kernel linux incorporating Linux as a operating systems low-priority thread, so the linux RTOS stays small, streamlined and keeps operating systems Linux as linux a base for common applications. [EE Times]
  • RTLinux Free - Portal for free version of RTLinux; news, FAQs, linux search, Forum, linux downloads, FSMLabs contact; OCERA.
  • REACT for Linux - Hard realtime extension, under 30┬Ás interrupt response times; linux originally standard linux with SGI IRIX Unix OS; Silicon linux Graphics, Inc. Open source.
  • RTLinux-gpl FTP Repository - FTP and mail list archives, anonymous CVS access.
  • Finite State Machine Labs, Inc.: FSMLabs - Makes dual kernel RTLinux and RTCore/BSD, and OpenRTLinux realtime RTOSs, realtime linux networking, protected memory, XML/RPC controls, embedded realtime Linux developer kit; has linux RT developer tutorials and realtime white papers; second tier support for linux Linux product realtime vendors; software de
  • KURT: The KU Real-Time Linux - KURT introduction and analysis.
  • Xenomai - Wiki for realtime Linux framework: news, information, instructions, linux tips, success realtime stories, roadmap, links.
  • RTAI - Growing article, with links to many related topics. Wikipedia.
  • KURT: KU Real Time Linux - by University of Kansas (KU) Center for Research, Inc. Between linux a hard and soft real-time OS.

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