System Administration OpenBSD x BSD Uni

A table displaying common services with the name of the program in OpenBSD, how to manage system services, configuration files locations and additional notes.

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See Also:
  • Opening the Source Repository with Anonymous CVS - Whitepaper by OpenBSD founder, Theo de Raadt, and system administration AT&T system administration researcher, Charles D. Cranor, describing the development system administration and concepts system administration of the Anonymous CVS source file system administration distribution mechanism.
  • Creating Custom Bootable OpenBSD CDs - Instructions on creating custom, bootable OpenBSD CD-ROM images.
  • MultiBoot - OpenBSD and FAT/NTFS Windows - Guide to setting up a multiboot system with system administration OpenBSD and Windows. Covers partitioning your drive system administration and booting the OS with an appropriate boot system administration loader.
  • Operating Network Services Under OpenBSD - Short article discussing how to install, configure, secure, and automate network services.
  • IPFilter Upgrading HOWTO for OpenBSD - Instructions on how to update the IPF packet openbsd filtering code openbsd to the latest revision.
  • OpenBSD 6bone router - Configuring OpenBSD to work as a router for IPv6 networks.
  • OpenBSD for ResNet - Configuration information for setting up OpenBSD in the bsd university resnet openbsd environment.
  • OpenBSD: Administration Functionality - A table displaying common services with the name of the system administration program in OpenBSD, how to manage system services, configuration files system administration locations and additional notes.
  • proctools - Provides the pgrep and pkill commands, which, respectively, scan for and send signals to processes that are matched by command line options.
  • OpenBSD - first time installation aids - Learn how to configure removable storage devices, manage system administration software system administration packages, administer users, installing the bash shell system administration and other system administration miscellaneous tips.
  • OpenBSD post-install - Short list of tasks to do after installing OpenBSD.
  • OpenBSD on Virtual PC - Instructions on running OpenBSD in Connectix Virtual PC.
  • OpenBSD Upgrading Mini-FAQ - Walkthrough on sync\\'ing your OpenBSD system to -current or -stable bsd sources.
  • Stephanie - Hardening OpenBSD for multiuser environments. Mike Schiffman bsd (a.k.a route) system administration gives us Trusted Path Execution patches bsd for 2.8 and 2.9.
  • OpenBSD Kernel Compilation and Optimization - A walkthrough of the process to recompile your OpenBSD kernel to achieve optimum performance.
  • OpenBSD Installation - Detailed installation instructions and configuration for OpenBSD 2.9.
  • Introduction to OpenBSD Networking - Learn how to setup the basic networking features of OpenBSD system administration and turn it into a secure Internet router for your system administration home network.
  • Stripped-OpenBSD - Effort to produce a reduced installation of OpenBSD for more secure usage in server environments.
  • PXE daemon - Implementation of the Intel PXE bootstrap protocol for openbsd OpenBSD.
  • Soft Updates v. Journaling - Whitepaper exploring the benefits of Soft Updates and journaling, comparing system administration their behavior on both micro-benchmarks and workload-based macrobenchmarks.
  • Soft Updates - Whitepaper by Marshall Kirk McKusick and Gregory R. Ganger on eliminating synchronous writes in the Fast Filesystem. Included in OpenBSD since OpenBSD 2.7 Release.

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