Hardware SID Commodore 64

Hardware that uses SID, SID emulation hardware, MIDI controllers and synthesizers

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  • HardSID - SID 6581/8580 hardware card for PCs.
  • SidStation - MIDI-controlled synthesizer with realtime controllers.
  • Original SID Patent - Detailed (but legendarily inaccurate) description of SID chip.
  • Parallel Port SID6581 Interface - A parallel port SID6581 interface device.
  • MIDIbox SID - DIY midi synth based on SID synthesis, currently hardware supports up to 4 SID\'s with full hardware hardware control surface.
  • SID in-depth information site - Site about the 6581, 8580 and 6582 Sound sid Interface Devices sid (SID) with photos and technical specifications.

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