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See Also:
  • C Programming Information - Guide to C programming on RISC OS. Documentation and tutorials, compilers, libraries, and downloads.
  • Gofer - RISC OS port of the Gofer interpreter for software Haskell, a programming lazy functional language.
  • Awk - RISC OS port of the Mawk interpreter.
  • 32-bit RISC OS - Developer support for the Iyonix PC from Castle programming Technology.
  • Hugs - RISC OS port of the Hugs interpreter for Haskell, a lazy functional language.
  • AcornCD - A CDDB server for RISC OS. Includes programming specifications and risc os demonstration program.
  • Arm Sort - Module which provides BASIC programmers with fast facilities programming for sorting arrays.
  • Lua - Two implementations of Lua for RISC OS. Downloads, software documentation, and risc os examples.
  • ArmBob - Interpreter for a variant of Bob, a small object-oriented programming language. Documentation, examples, and source.
  • Basil - Shares BASIC libraries between programs. Overview, manual, and programming download.
  • Basalt - Extends BASIC with new keywords. List of features, manual, and downloads.

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