Web Based Usenet Computers

Newsgroup plugin for webmasters, serves as a web-Usenet gateway. Can be used as a service with no additional hardware or bandwidth requirements. Monthly pricing depends on the number of allowed users.

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See Also:
  • Low Price - Free access to newsgroups in the ott.* hierarchy computers (Ottawa, Canada).
  • Derkeiler.com: Usenet Source - Real-time updated, read-only archive of newsgroups. Allows to computers save posts in PDF format.
  • Usenet Replayer Wap Gateway - Read-only access to Usenet via a Wap enabled web based mobile phone or a Wap emulator such as web based wmlbrowser add-on for Firefox. A usual web browser web based like Internet Explorer won\\'t work. The Wap (Wireless web based Access Protocol) is also known as Mobile Web web based in North America.
  • Myreader - Free access to text newsgroups in the uk.* computers hierarchy. Posting requires free registration.
  • PictureView - Provides Web-based access to binary newsgroups including pictures computers and videos. A free demo is available.
  • 1-script.com: Web Developer's Archive - Archives messages in the Usenet groups that are relevant to web development, design and programming.
  • Microsoft Newsgroups - Free access to many newsgroups focused on Microsoft and their usenet products. Requires Internet Explorer.
  • Recgroups - Free community-oriented site focusing on select rec.* and web based alt.* computers newsgroups. Posting requires free registration.
  • MarkMail - Search engine looking to hundreds of groups and web based allowing usenet research by keywords, username, email or domain web based name.
  • Midtown Computer Systems - Provides access to IT certifications and software related newsgroups. Posting web based and searching require free registration.
  • Mailarchive.ca - Read-only access to a collection of newsgroups, some of them being archived since 2001.
  • Usenet -forums.com - Read-only access to GNU/Linux, programming and some other computers technical newsgroups.
  • NewsKabob - Newsgroup plugin for webmasters, serves as a web-Usenet web based gateway. computers Can be used as a service with web based no additional computers hardware or bandwidth requirements. Monthly pricing web based depends on the computers number of allowed users.
  • Dbforums - Provides access to database-related groups. Requires free registration usenet for some features.
  • News-reader.org - Free anonymous access to text-only groups. Provides search web based and posting capabilities.
  • Usenet.com.au - A free service that archives popular Australian newsgroups. web based Also includes a section on Usenet terms and web based netiquette and a truncated URL service.
  • Adras - Free read-only access to newsgroups focusing on information web based technology topics.
  • Synchro.net - A read-only Gopher gateway to some newsgroups focusing computers on programming computers and BBS systems.
  • Nonsolonews - Free web access to a large number of computers newsgroups. Posting usenet requires free registration.

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