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Lore and information about the lands on the eastern half of the Continent of Avalon, as collected by Cirin Icerider.

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NERO International* - NERO International Holding Company's national website, containing both in-game and out-of-game information pertaining to the NERO International LARP and game world.

  • Lunasiria's Library - In-character information written from Lunasiria\\'s perspective as well nero international as north america out-of-character material about NERO International.
  • Tyrrapedia: Encyclopedia of Tyrra - An editable encyclopedia with information about cities, creatures, nero international historical events, kingdoms and territories, races and cultures nero international in the game.
  • Lilaiethyn's Personal Library - Personal library of Lilaiethyn Raenelindor, including information on north america the fantasy Kingdom of Avendale as well as the north america Duchies of fantasy Ravenholt and Ashbury.
  • Sinai's Writings - A Collection of reports, tomes, and various writings nero international concerning events in the County of Greyhelm, written nero international by Sinai Arashi.
  • Vornae - A resource for Dark Elven players of NERO nero international International. nero international Includes tips on roleplaying characters of the nero international race as nero international well as costuming and make-up.
  • Kierath Ranamor's Library - Personal library of Kierath Ranamor, which includes his north america collection of writings, documents, and tomes collected in north america his travels throughout southern Evendarr and other lands.
  • County of Marentha - An in-game resource for the County of Marentha within the nero international Duchy of Tyrangel. It includes maps and local information on nero international the lands and people within the county.
  • Kingdom of Stonegate - An in-game resource for the Kingdom of Stonegate, including laws, maps, histories, and other related information.
  • The Library at Goldhaven - A resource for players to learn of the nero international in-game fantasy world of NERO in which their characters nero international live and fantasy die.
  • Cirin's Library - Lore and information about the lands on the eastern half of the Continent of Avalon, as collected by Cirin Icerider.

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