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This fantasy world is in an early stage of development. A regional map, an atlas with adventure hooks, and an overview of two countries constitute its only details.

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  • DwarvenWorld - A complete, detailed, low-magic fantasy setting for mature created worlds players, DwarvenWorld is free of Tolkien-like and commercial created worlds stereotypes. Please note this site\\'s contents must created worlds be downloaded as a .zip file
  • Jamboloydia - Highlights are maps, atlas entries with illustrative quotes, and a created worlds pantheon. Dungeons and Dragons 2e mechanics include custom classes and created worlds priestly orders.
  • Knights of Legend - A highly magical, mythical world that focuses on created worlds detail. world building There are seven major countries inhabited by created worlds almost 200 world building different races.
  • Aernth - Highlights include the five cities of the Channel Region and a wide range of world religions, as well as world maps, atlas entries, cultures and languages. Rules conversions cover several systems.
  • Three Suns - Both humans and sentient felines predominate. Features an interactive map, and encyclopedia entries include a timeline, religious and cultural entries, political notes, and an unusually detailed treatment of health conditions.
  • Praedia Teneris - Content includes a world map, political and cultural fantasy accounts of fantasy several regions, and notes about daily fantasy life.
  • Alina: The Ship Amongst the Stars - The atlas includes historical, political, and cultural notes for one created worlds human and one elven kingdom. Dungeons and Dragons 2e class created worlds descriptions detail several priestly orders.
  • MetaMythos - The home of the Keshyran Campaign, includes a created worlds timeline, fantasy geography, and racial notes. Also hosts resources created worlds dedicated to fantasy the art of world building.
  • Land of Trinalia - Details include organizations, a timeline, elven culture, campaigns, and rules fantasy conversions for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and Fantasy Hero.
  • Agyris - World of the Bell - A decaying world torn asunder by now-dead gods. created worlds Numerous created worlds original illustrations, gods and legends, character archetypes, created worlds maps, creatures, created worlds and newspapers.
  • A History of the Atlantean Empire - The history of Atlantis and its empire, supposedly created worlds discovered created worlds in an alternate world. The site contains created worlds detailed descriptions created worlds of Atlantean geography, society, arts, philosophy, created worlds warfare and languages.
  • Llanowar - Includes geography, religions, new monsters, d20 system classes, fantasy and a created worlds modified magic system.
  • Siritean Empire - Atlas entries, history, legends, religion, and daily life.
  • The Silver Lands - Brief articles cover a broad range of world created worlds details. world building The gods and folk wisdom are unusual created worlds contributions.
  • Elivone - Setting details include a timeline, region history, pantheon, maps, adventure log, and Dungeons and Dragons 3E prestige classes.
  • Gwelith - Details include a geographical and political atlas, histories, created worlds deity and priesthood descriptions, cultural notes, and campaign created worlds chronicles.
  • Manxx, The County of - The fantasy setting of Manxx lies in one of the fantasy outermost southwestern valleys of the Blue Sun Mountains fantasy in the Empire of Catalania in Three Suns. A great fantasy starting point for fantasy role-playing and more detail to anyone fantasy interested in the Three Suns Set
  • Magehunt - Content consists of articles considering the world\\'s cosmology created worlds and created worlds the roles of various gods and races. created worlds Mostly text, created worlds but illustrative of thoughtful top-down design created worlds within Dungeons and created worlds Dragons conventions.
  • Carador - Creatures and magics, maps, tales, and histories make up the world. Updated weekly with new treatises. Includes an original RPG.
  • Cyuk - Misery Ascendant - Dark fantasy in a world dominated by evil. created worlds Includes atlas entries, an annotated pantheon, stories, a created worlds calendar, and Dungeons and Dragons 2e notes for created worlds classes, races, and creatures.
  • Witchgate, Through The - The Parthenthius Volumes detail a continent for Talislanta created worlds or world building other roleplaying games, with a map and created worlds gazetteer.
  • Jhendor - Humans vie with various exotic races for control fantasy of this harsh continent. Content consists of topographical fantasy and flavor maps and notes for the kingdom fantasy of Gwynneth, species, gods, myths, and magic.
  • Terra Viejo - A representation of our middle ages earth with the traditional fantasy elements added in. Geography and history, to a point, are much like our own, but unlike Earth, Terra Viejo feels the influences of more than just humans.
  • Adelfarn - A detailed fantasy town setting in a world caught in an epic struggle between good and evil. Maps, locations, and residents, with D and D 3e statistics.
  • T├ękumel: The World of the Petal Throne - Lands, gods, history, and several new races may be found here.
  • Kemen - The Encyclopedia Kemen offers a glimpse into this fantasy setting. world building Included are game rules, atlas entries, fantasy and annals of two world building campaigns.
  • Arwann - Unique races, as well as Dungeons and Dragons world building 3e created worlds classes and house rules, complement nation descriptions world building and historical created worlds notes.
  • Withnada's World - Learn about this ancient/medieval campaign through the eyes of one of its player characters. The nation synopses and mythologies are rich with detail and illustrations.
  • Zam! - Home of the Encyclopedia Zammica. Included are a world building timeline, fantasy a map, and alphabetical entries about various world building world and fantasy campaign elements.
  • Highland - An alternate version of Earth, divergent since the fantasy Second Cataclysm created worlds in AD 1,000. Notable are descriptions fantasy of Karian culture and created worlds language on the eastern fantasy continent.
  • Arn, Nine Kingdoms of - Includes maps, calendar, pantheon with priesthood descriptions, political world building details for major areas, and d20 prestige classes.
  • Aleder - This fantasy world is in an early stage fantasy of development. fantasy A regional map, an atlas with fantasy adventure hooks, and an fantasy overview of two countries fantasy constitute its only details.
  • Tu - Vignettes, short stories, and character profiles tell the fantasy story of the World Waterrimmed, with detail provided fantasy by a timeline and supplemental maps. No game fantasy mechanics, but suitable for just about any fantasy fantasy system.
  • Audean: The Dark - A dark world of conflict, cults, disease and created worlds wars. A map and several brief notes describe created worlds geography, history, and races.
  • Seteria - Information about geography, various cultures, characters, pantheons and created worlds heraldry.

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