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Review by Mike O'Connor, "everything you'd expect, and more, for your money. The learning curve is low, the features are comprehensive, and the interface is intuitive and flexible.".

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  • AutoRealm Symbol Challenge - A site to promote the creation of new symbols for tools AutoREALM. Information and downloads.
  • RPGnet: AutoREALM V1.19 - " If you are low on money there map making is no program to match AutoREALM. The user map making interface is also very intuitive and easy to map making learn. If you are a professional or have map making too much money you may want to check map making out the other programs that have larger symbol map making libra
  • AutoREALM Web Ring - Web ring for sites with maps and symbols for AutoREALM.
  • Yahoo Groups: Autorealm - Mailing list for discussions about AutoREALM, link collection and downloads.
  • AutoREALM Tutorials - A collection of tutorials on how to get map making started autorealm with AutoREALM.
  • RPGnet: AutoREALM - Review by Mike O\\'Connor, "everything you\\'d expect, and map making more, autorealm for your money. The learning curve is map making low, the autorealm features are comprehensive, and the interface map making is intuitive and autorealm flexible.".
  • AutoREALM - Official site for the free, open-source fantasy mapping software, with downloads of binary, source, and add-on symbols.
  • Gaming Outpost: Autorealm - "AutoRealm, from Andy Gryc Software, aims to meet map making every GM\\'s mapping needs. Well, it doesn\\'t quite map making do that, but it comes rather close!" Review map making by Nick Zachariasen.
  • AutoREALM - The Free GNU Mapper - Unofficial site with development information, FAQ and downloads.
  • AutoREALM 2.0 - Review by Wayne Tonjes.

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