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High-powered mapping system that lets gamers create any type of map desired - dungeons, continents, and cities. Offers trial download.

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See Also:
  • Tavern Maker - A freely available generator of taverns, including floorplans, world building names, tools patrons, menus, and rumors.
  • Crooked Staff Productions Roleplaying Aids - A variety of generic fantasy roleplaying aids including tools dungeon floorplans, tools and d20 adventures.
  • Lior's Map Creator - A freeware tool to design wilderness and dungeon tools maps. Includes world building sets of tiles and objects and tools editors to create additional world building ones.
  • The Fractal Mapper - High-powered mapping system that lets gamers create any world building type map making of map desired - dungeons, continents, and world building cities. Offers map making trial download.
  • Explorations v3 World Building Tools - Build your custom hi-res landscapes, walls, buildings, and world building dungeons map making with Explorations World Building Tools.
  • Dundjinni - Mapmaking and adventure creation software, with sales and user support map making and free artwork, textures, and maps.
  • RPGnet: Fractal Mapper v6.0 - Review by George Legeza. "Fractal Mapper isn\\'t perfect, map making but it\\'s pretty close to being my ideal map making rpg mapping suite. It is not as powerful map making as campaign mapper, but what it lacks in map making features and options it makes up for in map making ease of use."
  • MoccaMapper - A GPL Java program for creating inch squared map making floor world building boards for role-playing and board gaming purposes.
  • Yahoo Groups: Fractal Mapper - A mailing list devoted to sharing techniques, maps, and symbols tools for Fractal Mapper.
  • RPGnet: Campaign Cartographer vs. Autorealm vs. Corel Draw - Review and comparison of the programs and how world building suitable map making they are for drawing maps.

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