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  • Hubertian Maps - CC2 maps and symbols.
  • CC2ToSVG - An open-source program and DLL for Campaign Cartographer 2 that allows the user to export a map in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format.
  • CC2 World Maker - Offer maps for download.
  • Realms Overseer 3D - A stand-alone 3D Fantasy RPG map viewer, designed to view tools and travel fantasy worlds, towns and dungeons. It is fully tools compatible with Campaign Cartographer 2 and partially compatible with tools Forgotten Realms interactive atlas.
  • Profantasy Software - Creators of Campaign Cartographer 2 (CC2), Dungeon Designer 2 (DD2), tools and City Designer 2 (CD2), CAD-based map drawing software for tools RPGs and other purposes.
  • The Drak Atlas - The world of Drak is mapped in detail map making using Campaign Cartographer 2. Maps are presented map making in .JPG or .GIF format, with zipped, downloadable map making copies in CC2\'s native .FCW format.
  • Campaign Cartographer 2 / Hârn Mapping Project - A group with the goal to customize Campaign campaign cartographer Cartographer map making 2 into a premiere Hârnic map making campaign cartographer software.

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