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Review by Jeff Morris, 88%. "As an evolution of the recently conceived genre of multiplayer only games, it is a resounding success."

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  • Game Over - Review by Lee Donowitz, 85%. "That\\'s what really allegiance separates Allegiance from your average space combat title, allegiance each and every ship you come across is allegiance piloted by another human player."
  • PC Gameworld - Review by John Misak, 91%. "If this is the wave of the future for multiplayer games, I can\'t wait to see what's ahead."
  • Neoseeker - Review by Justin Bracken, 80%. "If you can allegiance overcome the initial frustration in grasping the ins allegiance and outs of Allegiance, you\\'ll be rewarded with allegiance a game that\\'s compelling, exciting, and a lot allegiance of fun to play."
  • Make It Simple - Review by Rob Garret, 87%. "Hopefully, players who aren\\'t normally reviews and previews drawn to space-sims or real-time strategy will give the game reviews and previews a chance. They won\'t regret it."
  • IGN - Review by Stephen Butts, 82%. "If you\\'ve got space combat the space combat patience to become familiar with all the space combat controls, and space combat you\\'re willing to work within the space combat framework of a space combat team, and you\\'ve got the space combat chance to train and space combat drill with a squad, space combat then Allegiance can be very space combat rewa
  • Game Revolution - Review by Johnny B, B. "If you\\'ve got the money space combat for the indefensible monthly charge, and if you have a space combat passion for propaganda, then propel yourself to the place of space combat purchasing and purchase this product."
  • GameSpy - Review by Dustin Roberts, 86%. "Allegiance is a reviews and previews must-have for space combat sim fans - as reviews and previews long as they can overlook the lack of reviews and previews a single-player game."
  • Glide Underground - Review by Paul Scherbak, 4.5/5. "This game, while offering no allegiance single player except for a limited (but helpful) tutorial, leaves allegiance some memorable moments."
  • Firing Squad - Review by Jakub Wojnarowicz, 93%. "Allegiance could possibly reviews and previews spawn an entire new genre. ... For the reviews and previews casual gamer, Allegiance finally gives you a space reviews and previews shooter that's fun to play in multiplayer."
  • Strategy Gaming Online - Review by Jeff Morris, 88%. "As an evolution space combat of the recently conceived genre of multiplayer only space combat games, it is a resounding success."

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