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Sites in this category provide information about official peripherals and any custom modification for the Sony PlayStation 2 platform.

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  • The-Laser - Review of the EyeToy by Michael Palisano, [Score: playstation 2 A]. playstation 2 "Sony\\'s EyeToy offers something unique in today\\'s playstation 2 market, and playstation 2 it\\'s definitely worth a look for playstation 2 players who want playstation 2 to experience something different."
  • PS2 Online Setup Guide - Guide to troubleshoot and solve most online setup modifications and add-ons sony problems.
  • - Photos and description of a toaster turned into modifications and add-ons playstation 2 a working PlayStation 2 unit.
  • EyeToy as a Webcam - Detailed guide to install the EyeToy on Windows systems. [Windows 2000/XP]
  • - Details the process of building a portable version modifications and add-ons modifications and add-ons of the console.
  • Ars Technica - Review of the HDLoader by Ben Kuchera. Includes a guide modifications and add-ons to modify the network adapter and use it with any modifications and add-ons existing third party Hard Disk Drive.
  • Firewire for PS2 - Project to develop a firewire interface for the slim version playstation 2 of the console.
  • - Official website for the EyeToy. Contains list of playstation 2 games, sony troubleshooting, and manuals.
  • PS2 Save Tools - Provides free software and information for game saves sony in various formats.
  • Duo Modchip Help - Step by step help to install a Duo Modchip. Includes diagrams.

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