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MAME is a multiple arcade emulator not only because it emulates many arcade games and many different kinds of hardware, MAME is also made to be ported to various computer systems. This category covers these ports.

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  • SDLMAME - SDL port compilable under Linux and Mac OS.
  • MacMAME.org - Old Mac OS port of MAME. [No longer multi hardware active]
  • DOSMAME - Pages intended for those who are experiencing DOS hardware related mame problems with whilst running MAME in real DOS mode.
  • M.A.M.E. for OS/2 - This OS/2 port runs in a PM-Window, MAME ports for OS/2 uses DIVE to access the screen, ports so you will need a graphiccard with DIVE ports support.
  • MAMEoX - Port to XBox.
  • Triumph - This is the homepage for the Amiga version multi hardware of MAME.
  • BeMAME - A port of M.A.M.E. to the BeOS.
  • AmigaMAME - AmigaPPC version of MAME.
  • iMame - MAME for Ipaq Pocket PC.
  • MAMECE3 - Port of MAME for the PocketPC.
  • MAME32 - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for Win32. [No longer ports active]
  • Compiling Mame32 - Describes how to compile the Win32 version of mame MAME.
  • zMame - Port to the Sharp Zaurus.
  • MAME OS X - Mac OS X Port of MAME.
  • MAME for OS/2 - Official home of MAME for OS/2.
  • The Mame32 QA/Test and Art Dept - Official Mame32 site, includes official supplemental artwork files mame and message board. Port to Win32.

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