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[8.9/10] By Michael Lafferty. "The character design, both of the good and bad guys, will immerse you in this madcap world."

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  • Computer and Video Games - [82/100] By Rhianna Pratchett. "I don\\'t know about you, but reviews and previews rarely do I get to experience the unrestrained childish euphoria reviews and previews I felt when I found myself smacking a giant robot reviews and previews about the kneecaps with a traffic light." Includes screen shots.
  • GamerDad - [5/5] By Andrew S. Bub. "It\\'s a terrific f game and it brings with it a child-like f sense of nostalgia kids will respond to and f kids-at-heart will eat up."
  • EuroGamer - [9/10] "...[T]he relentlessly amusing missions, tongue-in-cheek humour and freedom force fabulous reviews and previews special effects are more than enough to freedom force keep you reviews and previews hooked, if only to see what freedom force else there is reviews and previews to be found and thrown freedom force at you." Includes screen reviews and previews shots.
  • NetJak - [9/10] Review by Shane "search66" Johnson. "The interface is very enjoyable, and the game plays without any sense of urgency."
  • GamePro - [4.5/5] "...[T]he game stands as a great tactical freedom force RPG in its own right, and if you freedom force love Kirby and Lee, you\\'ll be filled with freedom force delight and wonder as you play..."
  • Gamers Hell Review - [8.8/10] By Boughton Supreme. "Definitely a must-have game."
  • - [8/10] Review by Chris Leyton. "Freedom Force provides one of f the best comic book translations ever."
  • ActionTrip - [93/100] By Matt Leyendecker. "It has excellent gameplay, f lighthearted humor, freedom force and flawless graphic and audio execution."
  • Strategy Gaming Online - [7.5/10] By Joel Rasdall. "...[C]omic book fans that want to f see their favorites come to life should get this game."
  • IGN - [9.3/10] By Ivan Sulic. "The game\\'s clever design and meticulously well-thought out, considerate presentation are accentuated by innovative gameplay that professionally melds the genres of RPG and strategy into a completely interactive and lively wor
  • Gamespot - [9/10] By Ron Dulin. "You\\'ll have a great time with Freedom Force if you like, or have ever liked, comic books, because it was made by people who obviously love them."
  • Review - [89/100] By Tom Chick. "Freedom Force\\'s musical stylings are every bit as lively as its graphics and storyline."
  • Electric Playground - [8/10] By Jason MacIsaac. "Special praise must go to the f audio, which is fantastic."
  • GameAxis - [8.3/10] By Sebastian Song. "Players can define the freedom force characters reviews and previews statistics, powers and attributes from scratch." Includes freedom force screen shots.
  • The Armchair Empire - [8.8/10] By Tolen Dante. "...[A]n excellent game, one that has restored my enthusiasm for the comic characters of old and their exciting, ideologically simple-minded pursuit of life, liberty and happiness."
  • RPG Vault - By Joseph Antolick. "Freedom Force is a truly freedom force original reviews and previews game, one that stands out among the freedom force rest of reviews and previews the role-playing titles for the PC."
  • ESCMag - [9/10] By Michael Smyth. "...[A] bright, colorful and occasionally hilarious tribute to the Silver Age of comics."
  • The Gamer's Temple - Review of the game with screen shots and reviews and previews system requirements. [91%]
  • - [A] By John Lynch. Reviews several aspects of the game. f Includes screen shots.
  • GameOver - [86%] "You can pick up cars and throw them at freedom force your enemies, or grab a light poles and use them freedom force as weapons, or demolish buildings and hope the rubble lands freedom force on the bad guys." Includes screen shots.
  • GameZone Review - [8.9/10] By Michael Lafferty. "The character design, both freedom force of the good and bad guys, will immerse freedom force you in this madcap world."
  • Stratos Group - [4.4/5] "The graphics are absolutely gorgeous." Includes screen shots and recommended system specifications.

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