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The Vault Network* - Offers news, previews, reviews, and information on computer role-playing games.
RPGamer* - Its size alone makes RPGamer the chief contender in the RPG information age

  • RPG Land - News, game information, articles, Final Fantasy mythology information, roleplaying daily screen news and reviews shots and sound files.
  • Horror Gaming - Articles regarding horror and suspense in roleplaying games.
  • GameBanshee - Offers reviews, downloads, screenshots, and databases on various video games games.
  • Just RPG - Provides reviews, walkthroughs, previews, and news.
  • All RPG - Contains news, reviews, previews, images, themes, screen savers, video games wall papers, icons, release dates, forums, and an video games online store.
  • RPGnet - News, reviews, links, game list, images, columns, and video games survey.
  • GameSpot: All Role-Playing Games - News, reviews, game guides, and multimedia.
  • Golem's CRPG News Page - Contains computer roleplaying game news and reviews from 1996 to 1998.
  • RPG Lair - Includes reviews, previews, editorials, news, and release dates.
  • Rpg Dreamers - News, previews, reviews, screen shots, codes, faqs, music, pictures, and release dates.
  • The Ironworks RPG Gaming Site - News, articles, reviews, polls, forums and game information news and reviews news and reviews for PC RPGs.
  • RPGFan - Up to date coverage of import and roleplaying domestic RPGs roleplaying for all platforms.
  • GameWyrd - A database of reviews for both old and new RPGs.
  • RPGPlanet - Frequently asked questions, downloads, maps, news, reviews, previews, roleplaying and release dates.
  • RPG Central - Frequently asked questions, cheats, emulators, MIDIs, message board, video games saved games, and soundtracks.
  • Crossroads Gaming Network - News, previews, reviews, contests, message boards and information for online video games RPGs.

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