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A car racing simulator in which the cars are driven by robots. The robots are small programs written in Java and it is the player's task to program the fastest robot.

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See Also:
  • VBRobots - Program robots in VBScript or JavaScript and fight them in an arena.
  • Robot Race - A free Robo Rally clone.
  • Research Projects: Mission Lab - MissionLab takes high-level military-style plans and executes them robotics with teams robotics of real or simulated robotic vehicles.
  • RoboWars - Requires players to build a robot using C simulation or C++ and then compete against other robots.
  • Robocode Face2Face Competition - Robocode one-to-one competition based on direct elimination. Tournaments simulation are held simulation every two weeks.
  • Robots and SRobots - Two programming games written in Comal.
  • BeBits: RobotWar - Features information, screenshots, and download for BeOS.
  • JBotRace - A car racing simulator in which the cars programming games are simulation driven by robots. The robots are small programming games programs written simulation in Java and it is the programming games player\'s task to simulation program the fastest robot.
  • BotWarz - A project based on Bot Arena.
  • Robot War Competition - Prizes and information regarding the competition at the programming games IIT chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery.
  • Grobots - A game in which teams of robots eat, fight, and programming games reproduce under the control of programs written by the players programming games (in a simple dialect of Forth). GPL; runs on Mac programming games and Windows.

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