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Assists homeowners in search of reliable contractors who adhere to a code of ethics and offer fair pricing, good products and workmanship.

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  • Safebuy UK - Accreditation scheme for web retailers. Authorised by TrustUK which is advocacy and protection supported by the UK government.
  • Jewellers Vigilance Canada Inc. - A non-profit association dedicated to the betterment of consumer information the consumer information jewelry industry in Canada by advancing ethical consumer information practices within consumer information the industry and promoting consumer protection consumer information by assisting government consumer information and law enforcement agencies with consumer information issues ranging from misle
  • Texas Watch - An organization with information on health matters.
  • Preferred Businesses of America - Organization that researches and qualifies service companies for consumer information the consumer such as roofers, plumbers, contractors, home consumer information remodelers, and many other services.
  • TRUSTe - Independent, non-profit, global initiative aimed at building trust advocacy and protection advocacy and protection and confidence in online transactions through the adoption advocacy and protection advocacy and protection of a branded trustmark informing users of how advocacy and protection advocacy and protection personal information is handled by online advocacy and protection advocacy and protection organizations.
  • Bracknell Forest Trading Standards - Information and advice about the Trading Standards Service provided by organizations Bracknell Forest Borough Council for consumers and businesses.
  • Better Business Bureau, U.S. and Canada - Helping consumers and businesses maintain an ethical marketplace.
  • ECHO: Executive Council of Home Owners - The Executive Council of Homeowners (ECHO) is a nonprofit membership consumer information corporation dedicated to assisting California homeowners associations. ECHO provides help consumer information to homeowners associations on many fronts: finances, legal issues, insurance, consumer information maintenance, and m
  • Don't Buy CDs - A consumer organization boycotting the recording industry for organizations creating copy protected disks and shutting down file organizations trading in violation of consumers' fair use rights.
  • Consumer Federation of America - Consumer advocacy organization lobbying on issues such as organizations health, insurance, financial services, agriculture, food safety, housing, organizations firearms, product safety, and product liability.
  • The Better Contractors Bureau - Assists homeowners in search of reliable contractors who consumer information adhere to a code of ethics and offer consumer information fair pricing, good products and workmanship.
  • Nonprofit Watch - Investigate public interest groups and raise issues regarding advocacy and protection transparency, conflicts of interest, and accountability within advocacy and protection the nonprofit community.
  • International Consumer Rights Protection Council - Provides guidance and help to take action through the Consumer Court against the defaulter whether it is a manufacturer, dealer, educational institute or service provider. Based in India.
  • Secure Your Healthcare - Opposes federal legislation which will exempt Association Health organizations Plans from state consumer healthcare protection laws. organizations Includes list of allied organizations and contact information.
  • Cooperative Information Super Highway - Information about cooperatives, and the International Cooperative Alliance.
  • Citizens Advice Bureau - Helps people resolve their money, legal and other consumer information problems organizations by providing information and advice, and by consumer information influencing policymakers.
  • Consumers Union - Materials developed by Consumers Union\\'s advocacy offices on organizations a variety organizations of consumer issues, including health care, organizations financial services, food safety, organizations and product safety.
  • Household HSBC Watch - Watchdog group and activist coalition reports consumer complaints organizations about this consumer information international financial services company.
  • Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings HADD - A consumer protection group for homeowners and homebuyers.
  • Canadian Council of Better Business Bureaus - Governing body of the local Better Business Bureaus consumer information across Canada. Located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Consumer Action - Advocacy group focuses on defending consumer rights, referring advocacy and protection consumers to complaint-handling agencies through free hotline, publishing advocacy and protection educational materials.
  • Safety Equipment Institute - This is a safety certification organization.
  • The National Consumers League - This organization sponsors the National Fraud Information Center, advocacy and protection consumer information Internet Fraud Watch, and child labor protections.
  • Netcheck Commerce Bureau - Promotes ethical business practices worldwide.
  • National Assn. of Railroad Passengers - This national organization, does not represent the interest of those advocacy and protection who are advocating the revival of old steam trains; but advocacy and protection preferably modern, economically viable, and environmentally safe surface transportation.
  • National Association of Consumer Advocates (NACA) - An association of more than 1000 attorneys and organizations consumer advocates organizations who have a wide range of organizations experience curbing abusive and organizations predatory business practices and organizations promoting justice for consumers.
  • The Better Business Bureau of the Maritime Provinces Inc. - The Better Business Bureau exists to promote mutually beneficial relationships between buyer and seller based on responsible business practices. Consumer Information, Advocacy and Protection.
  • Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada - An organization devoted to providing co-operative housing information advocacy and protection consumer information specifically to Canadians.
  • California Council of Service Advocates, Inc. - A non-profit advocacy and consumer rights group, organized consumer information under consumer information IRC and 501(c)(4). Facilitates self-help resource workshops, consumer information complaint resolution; consumer information monitors ethical standards in delivery of consumer information quality level consumer consumer information and public services.
  • Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Trading Standards Unit - Advises on and enforces a range of laws advocacy and protection relating to the quality, quantity, price, description and advocacy and protection safety of goods and services supplied by businesses.

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