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Dedicated to helping homeowners resolve their construction defects, and exposing the use, abuse, and unfair tactics of binding arbitration in new home contracts.

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  • Theme Park Accident Reports - A volunteer-run program to create a database of accidents involving advocacy and protection injury at major amusement parks around the world. Includes safety advocacy and protection tips for visitors and families.
  • NewBuyer Buying Guides - Buying portals of rated links in objective, easy consumer information to home navigate buying guides to help buyers make consumer information confident buying home decisions
  • Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights - A nationally-recognized, California-based, non-profit consumer education and advocacy organization. Deals consumer information in insurance reform, healthcare reform, billing errors, and other issues.
  • My Woes - A consumer complaint site. Post and read complaints from other consumers.
  • - A consumer action and advocacy portal for addressing and articulating advocacy and protection complaints.
  • Fight Back - Offers a public complaint board, special reports and home advice.
  • Massachusetts Housing Consumer Education Centers - One-stop Shopping for Housing Information and Referrals offered by the consumer information Massachusetts Nonprofit Housing Association\\'s statewide network of housing agencies. Tenants, consumer information landlords, prospective buyers and homeowners can access information, referrals, brief consumer information coun
  • Consumers' Association of Canada - An independent, non-profit volunteer organization, represents and informs consumer information consumers and advocates action on their behalf to consumer information improve the quality of life.
  • - Offers members only access to assistance in getting money refunded home without an attorney.
  • Consumer Reports WebWatch - Consumers WebWatch, a project of Consumers Union, publishes research and consumer information journalism on credibility issues that matter to consumers, and recommends consumer information Web-wide guidelines to address widespread problems of credibility and trust.
  • National Consumer Protection Week - A week to highlight consumer protection and education efforts around home the USA.
  • Find-It Consumer - Search engine for "one stop consumer help". It provides a consumer information single stop for searching more than 100 consumer protection and consumer information public safety web sites.
  • The Troubleshooter Network - In conjunction with Tom Martino\\'s syndicated radio show, the site advocacy and protection provides business referrals, consumer news, and a discussion board.
  • Contractors From Hell - Information and resources on contracting for and hiring advocacy and protection home home remodeling contractors.
  • The Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs - MCCA - Consists of all Commonwealth, State, Territory and New advocacy and protection Zealand Ministers responsible for fair trading, consumer protection advocacy and protection laws and credit laws.
  • So You Refunds - Consumer information regarding refund requests, effective letter writing advocacy and protection tips, enlisting outside sources, follow up and advocacy and protection small claims court.
  • Infomercial Watch - A critical view of the health infomercial marketplace.
  • Consumer Patrol 1 - Offers a complaint forum, news tips, and customer consumer information service and product ratings.
  • ChoiceTrust - Consumers can access their personal credit report and advocacy and protection home insurance score. Also offers tools to find advocacy and protection home doctors, dentists or chiropractors, and research to verify advocacy and protection home professionals and businesses.
  • Texans for Builder Reform - Working to bring about reforms to the unregulated consumer information Texas advocacy and protection home building industry to provide consumer protection consumer information for new advocacy and protection home buyers and licensing of all consumer information Texas home builders.
  • Tattletale Consumer Hotline - A consumer information web site providing consumer tips, alerts, health home and fitness notes, and private sector and public sector information. home Additionally, consumers may post complaints and get answers to questions.
  • Social Security Number FAQ - Other Information on SSNs and Privacy
  • - Search State databases to see whether a medical advocacy and protection consumer information doctor or physician has been fined, disciplined, lost advocacy and protection consumer information his/her license to practice medicine, been suspended, or advocacy and protection consumer information had license revoked.
  • Consumer Direct - A one-stop service run by the United Kingdom\\'s Department of Trade and Industry. Provides information and links to sources of further advice on issues of concern to general consumers.
  • Protecting Yourself from Consumer Fraud - Florida Citizen Safety Center. Short text articles on advocacy and protection advocacy and protection many potential fraud situations.
  • Damn Companies Complaint Center - A consumer advocate company\\'s site where one advocacy and protection can submit a complaint and they\\'ll actively try, advocacy and protection on your behalf, to satisfy your complaint.
  • - FairComment.con is an organisation dedicated to championing the consumer\\'s rights consumer information for fair play for goods or services purchased from big consumer information businesses.
  • North East Mediation & Arbitration - North East Mediation and Arbitration Expediates Resolutions Through consumer information a advocacy and protection cooperative and Supportive Environment.
  • Ticket Scam Resource Center - Informs consumers about the different types of scams involving concert consumer information and sporting event tickets.
  • The Swedish Consumer Coalition - An organisation for consumers and other organisations, who consumer information has the goal to increase the influence of consumer information the consumers on the market and in the consumer information politics.
  • Insurance Consumer Advocate Network - Retired adjuster created site where consumers receive tips on buying auto and/or homeowner insurance as well as help in settling auto insurance claims, home insurance claims and personal injury claims.
  • Holiday TravelWatch - Consumer advice relating to holiday and travel complaints. Offers assistance advocacy and protection to consumers who have suffered appalling holidays.
  • HomeOwners for Better Building - Dedicated to helping homeowners resolve their construction defects, consumer information and exposing the use, abuse, and unfair tactics consumer information of binding arbitration in new home contracts.
  • - Links to complaint sites, scam alerts, fraud complaint centers, advice consumer information columns, advocacy resources for products, automotive, real estates, taxes, financial consumer information including credit cards.
  • Consumers International (CI) - Supports, links and represents consumer groups and agencies consumer information all over the world. It has a membership consumer information of over 250 organisations in over 100 countries. consumer information It strives to promote a fairer society through consumer information defending the rights of all consumers, especially the consumer information poor,
  • SMG Consulting - With over 30 years of experience S.M.G. advocacy and protection advocacy and protection Consulting provides services ranging from leak investigation advocacy and protection advocacy and protection and field testing to legal dispute resolution.
  • - Gateway to complaints agencies and codes of practice.
  • Seal California Arrest Records On Line - Obtain free investigator search tools that allows you home to operate like a private investigator and obtain home information plus a section to seal court records home on line.
  • TheSqueakyWheel - Helps dissatisfied consumers get refunds and apologies.
  • eCrooks - Discusses how to deal with ecrooks or Internet con-artists, who do not deliver merchandise.
  • Consumer Advocate Tim Duffy - Consumer advocate offering advice on how to get consumer information the advocacy and protection most for your money and pitfalls all consumer information consumers should advocacy and protection be aware of.
  • Independent Consumer Complaint Network - Allows users to log complaints on any company consumer information globally. Browse through the database and read all consumer information about complaints on various companies.
  • Theft Library - Offers free on-line electronic library of theft reports consumer information submitted by anyone who has had something stolen consumer information from them.
  • Consumer Line - Consumer advice and complaints information for consumers, includes advocacy and protection home a directory of consumer organisation contacts.
  • Mouse Print - Exposes the strings and catches in advertising fine print.
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC ) - Official federal agency website, including recalls, reports, and advocacy and protection advocacy and protection alerts.
  • Justice Junction - Read consumer complaints or post your own.
  • Best Frauds - Site that claims to exposes con jobs, shams, public deception, advocacy and protection fraudulent marketing, schemes, RICO, and extortion.

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