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  • The Easter Egg Archive - Secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.
  • The Haunted Apple - Humorous ghost stories fabricated from hard facts and experiences of humor common Apple II users.
  • Was ist das Blinkenlights? - Herr Doctor Otto Von Fraktur-Englisch explains.
  • Knuth 3:16 - A retrospective of the work of Don Knuth, humor written a humor few thousand years from now.
  • Five B's - Includes computer jokes on a variety of subjects.
  • Giggle Productions - Business and IT related cartoons and worst case recreation practice including recreation help desk.
  • MCNGP - Spoof of IT industry certification schemes.
  • Computer Jokes - Old and new jokes about computing and the Internet.
  • - Computer-related jokes, cartoons, and links.
  • Computer Withdrawal - A humor story about when your computer crashes.
  • Toasties - Data Destruction - Guide to destroying the excess CD-ROMs that litter your world. Includes image gallery and guestbook.
  • Easter Eggs - Amusing secret tidbits and Easter eggs hidden in software
  • Parodies of Tech Companies - Including the rivalry between AMD and Intel, and recreation Captain Picard recreation encountering the Microsoft Borg.
  • The Chronicles of George - Contains end-user support requests with humorous comments added. recreation Also contains computer FAQs, a discussion board, and a recreation weblog.
  • Erroneous Errors - A site with erroneous errors and funny features humor of software humor programs.
  • CD-ROMs in the Microwave - Information on what happens when CD-ROMs get put in the recreation microwave.
  • Girlfriend 1.0 - Software compatibility problems with the application Girlfriend 1.0.
  • Compufun - Collection of jokes and humorous images, covering a variety of recreation topics.
  • Blinkenlights Posters - The famous blackletter-Gothic sign in mangled pseudo-German that once graced recreation about half the computer rooms in the English-speaking world.
  • The Best of Rec.Humor.Funny - Computers and technology jokes with one-line ratings.
  • GeekStreak - Opinions and comment on retro computer games, the Internet and humor life.
  • Meet Joe Bloggs - A story of the trials and tribulations of a team humor of software developers.
  • Please Spam Me - Sarcastic ode to the worst of the worst humor junk e-mail.
  • CompuTeaser - Jokes, puns and other forms of humor on humor various computer-related humor subjects.
  • Photoshop Jokes - Collection of visual jokes based on the tools humor and filters computer of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Computer Stupidities - Humorous anecdotes of users creatively misusing computers.
  • Sonic Dragon Productions - Repository of humorous computer-related links and quotes, as well as humor a few pictures.
  • True History of the Net - Humorous narrative recounting important events in the history computer of personal computer computing.
  • Dictionary of Computing - A humorous dictionary of computing terms.
  • Life In a Tech Shop - A look at how people mistreat their computers, which commentary recreation and photographs.
  • Mr. Carpio's Wacky Computer Cures - Humorous answers to common computer questions.
  • Anvil Dropping - Site documents crushing of electronics by dropping a large steel recreation weight on them.
  • Quit Today - Home of the Quit Slashdot movement. Reasons recreation to quit, alternatives, equally bad sites, and a recreation FAQ.
  • TechTales - Includes collection of amusing tech support stories. Includes humor stories from home and professional support situations.
  • Don't Tech Me In - Technology humor site with articles, links, and e-mail updates.
  • The Network Administrator - A humorous take on the lift in IT humor support.
  • NotJoeSoft - Software parodies includes Joesoft Cheese, a web browser, and Joesoft computer Mama, a genealogy tool.
  • Ol' Buffalo Computer Humor Page - Collection of computer jokes.
  • Sysadmin Price List - What system administrators charge for everyday events. From alt.sysadmin.recovery.
  • The Arrow Homepage - Debates the true nomenclature of those arrow thingys sometimes found in software and other user interfaces.
  • Hacker Attack Cartoons - Cartoons about hacker attacks on the internet by various editorial recreation cartoonists.
  • Colossal Computer Cartoon Book - Vintage cartoons and comics about computers and technology.
  • Instant Tech Support Form - An online form that erroneously claims to solve recreation even the most baffling computer problems.
  • Cyber Exorcism - Dedicated to fighting the poltergeists and cyber-demons that inhabit PCs.
  • Letter to the Attorney General. - A satirical view of a world run entirely by Windows computer XP.

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