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Websites where the main focus is a dog forum or chat room.

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See Also:
  • Reality Bites Dog - Dedicated to friendly dog discussion, includes forums and chats and forums picture area.
  • Dogweb - Pedigree dog forum. Includes sections on dog health, pets training, breeders pets directory and other related topics.
  • - A resource for dog owners, including articles. pets Covers specific pets breeds as well as general dog pets topics.
  • The St. Louis Canine - Resources, activities, training techniques, nutrition and health advice for dog owners.
  • Dog Board - A community for dog owners, with moderated forums, pictures, and chats and forums news. Free registration required.
  • Yahoo Groups: Canine Care - Discussions of dog care, behavior and training problems, and chats and forums holistic health.
  • K9community Discussion Forums - General discussion and breed specific forums. Coursing and live chat forums.
  • Malaysian Puppy Forum - Large puppy discussion group with emphasis on Malaysian dog issues.
  • Champdogs Information Exchange - Topics include behavior, breeding, and health.
  • Where small dogs Rule - A community for small dog owners to share pets information, pictures chats and forums and stories.
  • GlobalPaw - Forums, pictures, chat, trivia, and a directory.
  • The Ultimate Dog Mailing List - A mailing list regarding all aspects of dogs.
  • Yahoo Groups: Dog Daycare - Mailing list for daycare owners. Includes a directory pets of articles, chats and forums media, educational resources, and daycares.

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