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Find links to sites for or about chat rooms, discussion forums, and mailing lists geared towards the Mastiff breed.

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See Also:
  • Typey Mastiffs - A forum for breeders and fanciers to discuss molosser group English Mastiff type and all characteristics that comprise molosser group type.
  • World Mastiff Forum - A discussion board for English Mastiff fanciers.
  • World Mastiff Journals - A message board where matters relating to English mastiff Mastiffs are chats and forums discussed.
  • The Mastiff Forum - Various forums for discussion of all things relating to English mastiff Mastiffs.
  • Mastiff Family Forum - Chat forum focused on learning about the Mastiff chats and forums mastiff breed.
  • Florida Association of Mastiff Exhibitors - A chat group where Florida area Mastiff exhibitors molosser group plan chats and forums outings and try to build majors.
  • UK Mastiff Discussion Forum - Discussion board for breed enthusiasts. United Kingdom.
  • Yahoo Mastiff Group - A mastiff fanciers e-mail group.
  • Mastiff Health - Chat group dedicated to health and genetic problems of Mastiffs molosser group and other giant breed dogs.
  • Mastiff Online Community - Forums containing information, advice, and support for Mastiff families.
  • Mastiff Gate - Extensive documentation of one breeder's experiences with another.
  • New England Mastiff Club - Mastiff chat group based in Northeast, United States.
  • Gentle Giant Talk - Chat group where members share stories and information molosser group about their Mastiffs.
  • Mastiff ShowSight - Community for sharing educational information, stories, photographs, litter announcements, and rescue information.
  • English Mastiff - A Yahoo chat group for Mastiff owners, breeders mastiff and exhibitors.
  • Oklahoma Area Mastiff Enthusiasts - A chat group where Oklahoma area Mastiff fanciers discuss shows mastiff and build majors.
  • Mastiff Central - A Mastiff forum which focuses on learning about molosser group the chats and forums breed.

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