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SEWASIE is a collaboration of a number of research groups aiming to design and implement an advanced search engine accessing heterogeneous data sources on the web, using semantic enrichment to provide the basis of structured secure web-based communication

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See Also:
  • The Semantic Web - A Bristol University project to create a globally-linked database to knowledge representation aid searching. Includes development, research, staff and publications.
  • ICS-FORTH RDFSuite: High-level Scalable Tools for the Semantic Web - Tools for managing voluminous RDF description bases.
  • Semantic Web In One Day - Experiment in applying and assembling existing Semantic Web semantic web technologies knowledge representation in one day.
  • KAON Ontology and Semantic Web Infrastructure - Open source ontology management infrastructure. Includes a knowledge management tool knowledge representation suite allowing easy ontology creation and management, knowledge management as well knowledge representation as building ontology-based applications.
  • Platypus Wiki - Uses RDF, RDF Schema, and OWL to create ontologies and knowledge management manage metadata.
  • Annotea Project - Live early adoption and demonstration project enhancing the knowledge management W3C collaboration environment with shared annotations.
  • INTAP Semantic Web Committee - Committee in Japan to produce research and development knowledge management in semantic web the Semantic Web.
  • The Cognitive Web - A human-centric web architecture comprised of semantic markup knowledge representation and knowledge representation fuzzy logics.
  • Weaving the Web - The original design and ultimate destiny of the knowledge management World knowledge representation Wide Web, by its inventor, Tim Berners-Lee. knowledge management Features a knowledge representation linked glossary, a time line, errata knowledge management and an excerpt knowledge representation from Chapter 1.
  • Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives - The first Italian Workshop on Semantic Web Applications semantic web and Perspectives in collaboration with the W3C Italian semantic web Office.
  • Next Web Generation - A Research Group from University of Innsbruck involved knowledge management in knowledge representation various projects combining and improving recent trends knowledge management like knowledge representation Web Services, Semantic Portals and Grid knowledge management Technology.
  • Gnowsis - A framework for a personal semantic desktop system.
  • The Semantic Web: It's Whom You Know - Discusses the problems with current notions, popularity ranking and collaborative knowledge management filtering and suggests next steps. By Andy Oram, published in knowledge management O'Reilly Network.
  • TopQuadrant - Company that providing consulting and tools for architectural semantic web design knowledge representation and implementation of Semantic Technology Solutions with semantic web an emphasis knowledge representation on Ontology Engineering.
  • 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003) - Upcoming meeting with calls for papers, sponsors, workshop semantic web and tutorial proposals, demos, and posters.
  • Conceptual Graphs and SWeb - Comparison of Conceptual Graphs as a logic layer to RDF.
  • - Semantic Hypertext Object Repository. A repository with a free definable meta model where structured documents can be imported after parsing and transforming into XML.
  • W3C Semantic Web Activity Statement - The W3C Semantic Web Activity has been established to serve knowledge representation a leadership role, in both the design of specifications and knowledge representation the open, collaborative development of technology for the Semantic Web.
  • Building a Semantic Web Site - Even though the Semantic Web may yet seem semantic web a remote dream, there are already tools one semantic web can use to make a tiny step forward semantic web by building "semantic web sites," which can be semantic web much easier to navigate than ordinary sites.
  • The Semantic Web: A Primer - Offers an introduction and discusses technologies and developments. By Edd knowledge management Dumbill, published in O'Reilly
  • Inference Web - Framework for explaining Semantic Web tasks by storing, exchanging, combining, semantic web annotating, comparing and rendering proofs fragments provided by engines embedded semantic web in Semantic Web applications.
  • Jeff Heflin's Publications - Provide abstracts of downloadable technical papers on various knowledge management Semantic Web topics like Dynamic Ontologies and Semantic knowledge management Interoperability.
  • The Semantic Web Lifts Off - Article on W3C's Semantic Web activity.
  • The Languages of the Semantic Web - Article by Uche Ogbuji discusses the limits of semantic web today\\'s knowledge representation Web and the challenge of how agents semantic web can infer knowledge representation relationships and act on them. Originally semantic web published in the knowledge representation "New Architect" e-zine.
  • Semantic Weblog - A weblog about PhD research on Semantic Web knowledge management services and multiagent systems.
  • HP Labs Semantic Web Research - Works to further the vision through research, development and internal knowledge management promotion. Features technology, tools, resources and contact information.
  • Practical Knowledge Representation for the Web - Survey and analysis of traditional, new, and arising knowledge management Web knowledge management standards and how they can be used knowledge management to represent knowledge management machine-processable semantics of Web sources.
  • TOOL: The Open Opinion Layer - Paper exploring the development of a distributed open opinion architecture.
  • The Semantic Web: 1-2-3 - An XML hacker discusses XML, RDF and the Semantic Web. knowledge representation Features links to other resources.
  • Retsina Semantic Web Calendar Agent - Project to develop interoperability between RDF based calendar knowledge management descriptions knowledge representation and Personal Information Manager Systems such as knowledge management Microsoft's Outlook.
  • Semantic Patterns Language - Explores Universal Semantic Code to help create applications for Semantic knowledge management WEB.
  • ILRT Semantic Web Research Group - Tools for storage and query of structured data semantic web and semantic web applications for digital libraries and project management. semantic web From the semantic web Institute for Learning and Research Technology semantic web at the University semantic web of Bristol.
  • The Future of the Semantic Web - Article on the semantic web and its significance knowledge representation for semantic web the scientific community by Dr. Albert Benschop knowledge representation (University of semantic web Amsterdam).
  • cwm - A general purpose data processor written in Python. Core language knowledge management is RDF, extended to include rules, using RDF/XML or RDF/N3 knowledge management serializations as required.
  • IsaViz Overview - A visual authoring tool for RDF.
  • Semantic Web Roadmap - An attempt to give a high-level plan of knowledge management the knowledge management architecture by Tim Berners-Lee.
  • URI Query Agent Model - URIQA proposes an extension to web architecture used to indicate to a web server that it should resolve the specified URI in terms of knowledge about the resource denoted by that URI rather than in terms of a representation of the resource.
  • The Next Web - Article discusses the changes expected in the Web\\'s next evolution. knowledge management Written by David M. Ewalt; published in "Information Week."
  • SEKT Project - European project on developing Semantically Enabled Knowledge Technologies.
  • Big Fractal Tangle - Daily reflections on the ongoing evolution of the knowledge management Semantic semantic web Web.
  • The SEWASIE project: Semantic Webs and AgentS in Integrated Economies - SEWASIE is a collaboration of a number of knowledge management research groups aiming to design and implement an knowledge management advanced search engine accessing heterogeneous data sources on knowledge management the web, using semantic enrichment to provide the knowledge management basis of structured secure web-based communication
  • SemDis - Discovering Complex Relationships in Semantic Web - A research project focused on design, prototyping and evaluation of knowledge management a system that supports indexing and querying complex semantic relationships knowledge management from the Web.
  • SWAD-Europe Thesaurus Activity - Open source systems and guidelines for using thesauri in a knowledge representation semantic web environment.
  • Semantic Web Research Group - People from the Maryland Information and Network Dynamics Lab working knowledge management on the Semantic Web.
  • Euler Proof Mechanism - A backward-chaining reasoner based on RDF and OWL, knowledge management using resolution inference mechanism and following Euler paths.
  • OntoWare - Collaborative project management and development environment for the Semantic Web

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