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Introduces basic Metadata concepts, major metadata standards or schemas, the relationship between new access mechanisms for digital library and traditional cataloguing methods, systems, software and tools for metadata creation, harvest and migration.

    Top: Reference: Libraries: Library and Information Science: Technical Services: Cataloguing: Metadata

See Also:
  • UKOLN Metadata - Resources from the UK Office for Library and cataloguing Information Networking
  • ML Metadata - Provides an introduction and internet resources on metadata technical services for the small library.
  • FASTER - Describes a metadata project focused on creating an technical services easy-to-use cataloguing and flexible tool for access to official technical services and other cataloguing statistical data.
  • MetaMap - An annotated Scalable Vector Graphic showing metadata standards, technical services sets, cataloguing and initiatives.
  • Metadata Gateway - Introduces basic Metadata concepts, major metadata standards or metadata schemas, the metadata relationship between new access mechanisms for metadata digital library and traditional metadata cataloguing methods, systems, software metadata and tools for metadata creation, harvest metadata and migration.
  • University of Queensland: An Introduction to Metadata - Detailed explanation of metadata, schema and elements, in a FAQ metadata format. Includes related links.
  • Digital Libraries: Metadata Resources - IFLA collection of Internet metadata resources.
  • Metadata at W3C - Metadata research at the World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary (PBCore) - Designed to provide for television, radio and Web activities a cataloguing standard way of describing and using data. This allows cataloguing content to be more easily retrieved and shared.
  • A Web Hub for Developing Administrative Metadata for Electronic Resource Management - News, links to documents and projects, and a metadata mailing list.
  • Technical standards for electronic bibliographic data/metadata - Subset of the Cataloguer\\'s Toolbox. URNs, SICI, DOI, Z39.50, TEI, metadata RDF, and Dublin Core.
  • Resource Guide to Metadata - Reference to metadata standards for scientific, research, and technical services education metadata information. Describes ontologies for science.
  • EServer TC Library: Metadata - A collection of rated, reviewed online resources in cataloguing.
  • Metadata Standards and Information Analysis - Surveys several metadata standards with the assumption that metadata surveying the technical services models that can serve as a metadata basis for the metadata technical services standards.
  • Visual Resources Association - Non-profit organization for advancing knowledge, research, and education technical services in metadata the field of visual information resources. Features technical services newsletter, conferences, metadata contacts and membership details.
  • Metacrap - Cory Doctorow's seven arguments against metadata.
  • Electronic Scriptorium Ltd - Specializes in metadata and high value data conversion. metadata It contracts metadata work out to monks and nuns metadata throughout the United States.
  • Metadata Architecture and Application Team (MAAT) - Includes MAAT news, introduction, activities, and metadata resources.
  • Advanced Meta Data Architecture - David Marco. Architectural challenges that arise with implementing a meta data repository that requires more advanced functionality.
  • Metadata.Net Home Page - Resources from the Distributed Systems Technology Center (DSTC).
  • Metadata Research Center (MRC) - The University of North Carolina School of Information and Library (SILS) Metadata Research Center has been established to advance research in the area of metadata, semantics and ontologies.
  • XML: Metadata For the Rest of Us. - By Jeffery Veen. Wired Magazine. Includes an interview with Tim metadata Bray.
  • CanCore - Official home for documents, presentations and other metadata metadata metadata resources related to the metadata Canadian Core Learning metadata Object Metadata Application metadata metadata Profile. The CanCore Profile metadata metadata is intended to facilitate the interchange metadata metadata of metadata records describing educa
  • Agricultural Metadata Element Set Project - The AgMES project promotes the use of metadata cataloguing in description technical services of all document-like information objects in cataloguing the domain of agriculture. technical services It is an extension cataloguing of the Dublin Core element set.
  • National Curriculum Metadata Standard - Description and documentation of the metadata standard for the National metadata Curriculum for England.
  • SSD (Simple Storefront Distribution) - A web content distribution method used by E-Commerce websites to technical services share catalog data in a format easily interpreted by computer technical services software. SSD is an XML 1.0 based markup language modeled technical services after the RSS 2.0 specification.
  • Index Data - Specializes in the design and development of advanced metadata software for cataloguing information management and retrieval applications. Uses metadata Z39.50, Dublin Core and cataloguing XML.
  • EuroCRIS CERIF Task Group - Task Group maintaining and developing Common European Research Information Format Metadata and database format. First published and supported by European Commission for research and scientific data sharing and exchange.
  • Adobe Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) - Background information and a technical specification for this metadata format.
  • Metadata projects, resources, workshops - European Commission: Telematics for Libraries.
  • The Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata (PRISM) Specification - Defines an XML metadata vocabulary for managing, aggregating, post-processing, multi-purposing metadata and aggregating magazine and mainstream journal content. PRISM is defined metadata by a working group of IDEAlliance, a publishing industry association.

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