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The Open Archive community. Promotion of interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the dissemination of content, by enhancing access to e-print archives. Online documents, links and forums.

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  • CDSware - An OAI-compliant software for document servers developed at archives CERN and licensed under GNU General Public License archives (GPL). Allows institutions to build their own electronic archives library and to make it accessible on the archives web. Features, support, download area.
  • The Santa Fe Convention of the Open Archives Initiative - A set of relatively simple but potentially quite publications powerful interoperability archives agreements that facilitate the creation of publications mediator services. These services archives combine and process information publications from individual archives and offer increased archives functionality to publications support d
  • MAGiC Project - An initiative aiming to establish a new collaborative system for archives the collection, storage and utilisation of engineering grey literature.
  • Economics, Real Costs and Benefits of Electronic Publishing in Science - Proceedings of the workshop organized by the International archives Council for publications Science and held at Keble College, archives Oxford in march-april 1998.
  • Cross Archive Searching Service - (ARC) Experimental research service of Digital Library Research archives group at Old Dominion University. It is used archives to investigate issues in harvesting Open Archives Initiative archives (OAI) compliant repositories and making them accessible through archives a unified search inte
  • Electronic Publishing in Science: - Proceedings of the first conference held in Paris archives and organized interoperability standards by the International Council for Science archives and UNESCO.
  • The Open Citation Project - OpCit. Project funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee, whose interoperability standards aim is to develop a citation-linking system to navigate through interoperability standards Open Archives.
  • Open Language Archives Community - Worldwide network of language archives developing standard protocols for interoperability.
  • Virtual Library - Free web-based system to build, manage and maintain efficiently medium interoperability standards to large collections of links and their meta information. It interoperability standards provides advanced full-text search capabilities as well as uniform access interoperability standards via categories to information on the Internet.
  • DSpace - An Open Archive Initiative (OAI) - compliant open-source interoperability standards software interoperability standards released by MIT for archiving eprints and interoperability standards other kinds interoperability standards of academic content. Mission, policy, technical interoperability standards features, implementations.
  • University of Illinois Metadata Harvesting Project - A suite of Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-based metadata interoperability standards harvesting publications services, search services, and tools designed to interoperability standards facilitate discovery publications and retrieval of certain classes of interoperability standards scholarly works.
  • Electronic Publishing in Science - Proceedings of the second international conference organized by archives the International interoperability standards Council for Science and UNESCO on archives issues related to electronic interoperability standards dissemination of scientific works.
  • Open Archives Initiative - The Open Archive community. Promotion of interoperability standards publications that aim to facilitate the dissemination of content, publications by enhancing access to e-print archives. Online documents, publications links and forums.

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