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This is a non-profit scientific and education organization founded primarily to conduct research needed to manage and protect threatened marine mammals.

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See Also:
  • AquaThought Foundation - This is a privately funded research organization dedicated to the exploration of human dolphin interaction. Research includes neurological imaging of dolphins and wellness.
  • Acoustics Monitoring Program - Bioacoustics - A study to assess the potential of long marine mammals range acoustic monitoring of marine mammals.
  • Marine Biology - Marine Mammals - Covers the three orders: Cetacea - whales, porpoises, mammalogy dolphins; Pinnipedia mammalogy - seals, sea-lions, walruses; Sirenia - mammalogy manatees and dugongs.
  • Foundation for Marine Environment Research Centre for Coastal Field Studies - Conducts research into the ecology and habitat conditions of cetaceans.
  • Project Interlock - Since 1977 this project, set up by Wade chordates Doak in chordates New Zealand, has been researching the chordates capacities of cetaceans in chordates the wild.
  • Tethys Research Institute - Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the chordates marine environment. chordates Offers field course data, publications and chordates images.
  • Jaap's Marine Mammal Pages - Classification, common names, biology, images, full text research, publications and mammalogy news related to cetaceans and pinnipeds.
  • The Oceania Project - Caring for Whales, Dolphins and the Oceans - This non-profit research and information organization is dedicated to raising mammalogy awareness of Cetacea and the ocean environment. Research includes photo mammalogy ID and genetic and DNA studies.
  • Society for Marine Mammalogy - Evaluates and promotes the educational, scientific and managerial mammalogy advancement of marine mammal science.
  • Lab of Sara J. Iverson - Research on the physiology and ecology of marine mammalogy mammals. Includes mammalogy list of publications and field work mammalogy image gallery.
  • ACS - American Cetacean Society - Publishes a journal “Whalewatcher” and provides online summaries of selected marine mammals articles on cetaceans, and Fact Packs for schools. Also organizes marine mammals whale watching trips for education and fundraising purposes.
  • Mediterranean Cetaceans - Dedicated to research on the free ranging species. Features information, mammalogy pictures, publications and projects.
  • Cascadia Research Collective - This is a non-profit scientific and education organization marine mammals founded primarily to conduct research needed to manage marine mammals and protect threatened marine mammals.
  • Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums - Provides an educational resource for marine mammals and chordates their environments.
  • Jennifer Dearolf's Home Page - Includes information about research on muscle development in Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and Florida manatees.
  • Witness for the Whales: DNA Surveillance - This is a service for the identification of mammalogy whales, porpoises and dolphins using DNA sequences.
  • Biology Learning Center - Resources on coral reefs, marine ecology, oceanography, dolphin biology, conservation, mammalogy biodiversity and research expeditions.
  • Indonesia Oceanic Cetacean Program - Includes visual and acoustic surveys, identifications of sensitive marine areas and ocean conservation initiatives.
  • Dolphins of Monkey Mia Research Foundation - Articles on dolphin reproduction, calf development, male alliances, mammalogy foraging strategies and how dolphins interact with sharks.
  • - The Center for Cetacean Research and Conservation, CCRC, has undertaken marine mammals studies on the biology, behavior, and ecology of a variety marine mammals of cetaceans in the South Pacific and the Bahamas, including marine mammals the Cook Islands Humpback Whale survey.
  • Group for Research and Education on Marine Mammals - GREMM is a non-profit organization dedicated to scientific research on chordates the marine mammals of the St Lawrence and also education chordates on conserving the marine environment. In English and French.
  • European Cetacean Society - This non-profit organization holds an annual conference with marine mammals workshops mammalogy for students and produces an on-line newsletter.
  • Whales and Dolphins - Website showcases information and photographs concerning marine mammals mammalogy with an emphasis on whales and dolphins.
  • Global Research and Rescue - Non-profit animal organization that assists marine mammals, whales, dolphins and terrestrial animals.

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