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Comprehensive research on the mammary gland at the National Institutes of Health in Maryland. Includes the mammary genome anatomy project.

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  • Mammal Anatomy - Special topics on the Animal Diversity Web include antlers, horns, mammalogy hair, jaws, legs, mammary glands and teeth.
  • Functional Morphology and Evolution Research Unit - Research in the unit focuses on the functional, evolutionary and zoology developmental bases of morphological variation in humans, primates and other zoology mammals.
  • Convergent Maternal Care Strategies in Ungulates and Macropods - Antelopes and deer are plain dwelling herbivores that occupy similar chordates ecological niches to kangaroos and wallabies. This research compares their chordates strategies for caring for their young.[PDF]
  • Mammalian Forelimb Homologies - Animated image which illustrates the similarities in forelimb chordates structure of several different mammal species.
  • Wildlife Conservation Society : India - The focus of WCS has been on studies chordates of tiger chordates behavior and the long-term population dynamics chordates of tigers, leopards and chordates their ungulate and primate chordates prey species.
  • Andean (Spectacled) Bear Research at Alto Choco - Researchers at this reserve in Ecuador are studying the biology zoology and activity patterns of these timid bears with a view zoology to improving future reintroduction projects.[PDF]
  • Development of the Fetal Gonad and Reproductive System - Outlines research by S Mackay at the University mammalogy of Glasgow chordates into gonadal development and differentiation using mammalogy the opossum, Monodelphis domestica.
  • Biology of Reproduction - A morphological and immunohistochemical comparison of mammary tissues from the short-tailed fruit bat and the mouse.
  • Polar Bear Specialist Group - Members of the PBSG are all research scientists zoology from the mammalogy five nations signing the International Agreement zoology on the Conservation of mammalogy Polar Bears.
  • The Ruminant Digestive System - Information on this system which is very different to that chordates of non-ruminants, featuring a fermentation chamber housing millions of micro-organisms.
  • Neural Mechanisms Of Vocal Control In Bats. - Research by Gerd Schuller aims to determine which brain structures are involved in eliciting or controlling motor reactions and behavioral patterns.
  • Microbiology of the Rumen - Information on the microbes that colonise the guts chordates of higher mammalogy animals and their ecology.[PDF]
  • Whole Mouse Catalog - Comprehensive guide to online resources of particular interest mammalogy to scientific mammalogy researchers using mice or rats in mammalogy their work.
  • Bats Scan the Rainforest with UV-eyes - Article from the Max Planck Society on research mammalogy discoveries of mammalogy new mechanisms for ultraviolet vision in mammalogy mammals.[PDF]
  • Goat Anatomy: Bones - Animation showing the skeleton with each bone identified.
  • Biology of the Mammary Gland - Comprehensive research on the mammary gland at the National Institutes mammalogy of Health in Maryland. Includes the mammary genome anatomy project.
  • Mammalia - Provides a summary of the contents of a Biomedia course provided by the University of Paisley.
  • North American Bear Center - The NABC aims to improve the understanding of zoology bears through zoology education, research and rehabilitation. This site zoology provides biological information on zoology black, grizzly and polar zoology bears.
  • Mammals - The Australian Museum encourages research into the biology of Australian mammalogy and Pacific mammals, has extensive collections and resources and will mammalogy answer scientific enquiries.
  • Mammals of Kansas - An online recognition and educational guide. Includes descriptions chordates and photographs.
  • Mammalogy: Bibliography of General Works - Designed to guide students of mammalogy to literature in specific zoology areas.
  • Black Bear Research - Excerpts from the graduate theses of researchers at chordates the University of Wisconsin who studied various aspects chordates of the biology of the black bear.
  • Roe Deer Research Group - Details of the unusual reproductive strategy of embryonic diapause (delayed implantation) adopted by roe deer.
  • Introduction to the Rodentia - Notes on this large group of mammals which include mice, rats, beavers, muskrats, porcupines, woodchucks, chipmunks, squirrels, prairie dogs, marmots and chinchillas.
  • DNA Surveillance: What Rat is That? - Provides phylogenetic tools for the identification of rats (Rattus species) zoology from southeast Asia and the Pacific region, often difficult to zoology identify using morphological characters.
  • Department of Primatology, Max Planck Institute - The department investigates issues related to the evolution zoology of social mammalogy systems, social behavior, cognitive abilities, and zoology culture in apes.
  • Boreal Caribou Research Program - Details of some of the past and ongoing research being mammalogy conducted into woodland caribou in the province of Alberta, Canada.
  • Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections - Provides information on the brain and images of both complete zoology and sectioned brains of over 175 species.
  • Extrinsic versus Intrinsic Factors in the Decline and Extinction of Australian Marsupials - Research paper on this subject by Diana Fisher, Simon Blomberg and Ian Owens.[PDF]
  • Comparative Physiology of Respiration - Chapter from a book by Walter F Boron examines respiration chordates in mammals and the transportation of gases by the circulatory chordates system.
  • Ask a Scientist: Bats and Echolocation - How do bats identify their own echoes, or even their own young? Some possible answers.
  • Bear Center: Research - Outline of current research being undertaken and a mammalogy list of mammalogy publications.
  • Spinning Skulls - Provides hundreds of QuickTime VR object movies and zoology close-up images of mammal skulls and teeth along zoology with pictures, sounds and anatomical information.

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