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Images, audio, links and data about wild monkeys and apes studied by primatologist Dr. M.K. Holder in East Africa.

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  • Gibbon Research Lab - Offers an introduction to the natural history of chordates gibbons, review mammalogy of systematics and singing behavior, images, chordates articles and news.
  • Australasian Primate Society - This society aims to advance the study of primatology, both academic and applied, and promote ethical and responsible use of primates in scientific research.
  • Regional Primate Research Center - Conducts medical research using primates at Tulane University mammalogy in Louisiana. primatology Offers data about the facilities.
  • INPRIMAT: Research Infrastructure to Promote Primate Molecular Biology - A research project led by seven European institutions primatology in primatology and molecular biology aiming to establish primatology a phylogenetic collection of primate tissues and derivatives.
  • Putting Apes (Body and Language) Together Again - A critique of two books on the language primatology ability of non-human primates: “Apes, Language and Human primatology Mind” by Savage-Rumbaugh and others, and “Being there: primatology putting mind, world and body together again” by primatology Andy Clarke.[PDF]
  • New England Primate Research Center - Biomedical research unit affiliated with Harvard University. Data chordates about research chordates and education activities.
  • Theoretical Primatology Project - Provides information about the project and includes newsletters, research and links.
  • Systems of the Body - Nurse Minerva answers many biological queries with particular mammalogy reference to mammalogy the human body.
  • Kunming Primate Research Center - News, database, research group, images and statistics from primatology the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
  • Evolution of Primate Intelligence - Scott Rifkin discusses several hypotheses regarding the evolution of primate brain structure.
  • Primate Research Institute - Kyoto University\\'s primate resources that include general information primatology and photographs. Based in Japan.
  • American Society of Primatologists - Data on scientific primatology, research, conservation efforts, teaching aids and chordates the society's book series.
  • South Indian Primate Research Academy - Data, pictures and related links concerning the primates and rainforests primatology of southern India.
  • - Research projects and their results in primatology and primatology anthropology by Dr. Olav Roehrer-Ertl in Munich, Germany.
  • - A weblog run by primatologists, overviewing current news, mammalogy books, videos and other media.
  • Oregon National Primate Research Center - Conducts basic and applied biomedical research with nonhuman mammalogy primates. Research data and education programs.
  • Primate Society of Great Britain - Promotes research of primate biology, conservation and management. Provides thorough mammalogy coverage of the society's work.
  • Atlas of the Primate Brain - Searchable database of stereotactic images of the primate mammalogy brain for use as templates.
  • Colombian Primate Network - Data about the primates, their ecology, conservation programs, mammalogy research, methodologies and publications.
  • Cape Peninsula Baboon Research Unit - Research focuses on baboons of the Cape Peninsula and surrounding areas and encompasses various aspects of baboon biology, including ecology, behaviour, genetics and evolution.
  • German Primate Center - Showcases general information, research, photograph gallery, publications and news. Based primatology in Göttingen.
  • Psychoceramics: The Comparative Anatomy of Eating - Article by Milton R Mills examining whether man is an mammalogy omnivore
  • Primate Brain - Digital cytoarchitectural atlas based on high-resolution images of mammalogy serial sections of primate brains.
  • D Formenti’s Links: Primatology - A comprehensive list of links relating to many primatology aspects of chordates the biology and conservation of primates. primatology Also literary resource links.
  • Great Ape Trust - North America\\'s largest research center dedicated to studying mammalogy comparative cultures chordates and the cognitive and communication abilities mammalogy of bonobos, orangutans, gorillas chordates and other primates.
  • Primate Info Net - Includes data on the International Primatological Society, fact chordates sheets, publications, news and media resources and career chordates opportunities in primatology.
  • Cognitive Evolution Group - Data about behavioral and psychological studies of chimpanzees and humans mammalogy from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.
  • Comparative Anatomy and Physiology Brought Up to Date - A comprehensive review of the scientific literature questioning primatology whether humans primatology are natural frugivores, vegetarians, omnivores or primatology carnivores.
  • The Bwindi-Impenetrable Great Ape Project - Research in this National Park in Uganda centers chordates on the mammalogy ecological relationship of the mountain gorillas chordates and the chimpanzees.
  • Courses on General Primate Biology, Primate Husbandry, Nutrition and Handling - Advanced and specialised training courses for scientists, students, primatology animal caretakers and other staff involved in primate primatology research.
  • The Primata - Comprehensive site that covers aspects of evolution, morphology, chordates ecology, social behavior, communication, conservation and taxonomy.
  • Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center - Center for biomedical and behavioral research with non-human primatology primates at chordates Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Duke University Primate Center - Conducts research on prosimian biology, conservation and evolution. Offers data primatology on lemurs, lorises, pottos and bushbabies.
  • Absolutely Apes - Live streaming video of and information about the chordates orangutans and siamangs at the San Diego Zoo chordates in San Diego, California.
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology - Well illustrated on-line study guide for the human biology course mammalogy at Georgia Perimeter College, with study questions.
  • African Primates At Home - Images, audio, links and data about wild monkeys and apes chordates studied by primatologist Dr. M.K. Holder in East Africa.
  • Laboratory Primate Newsletter - Quarterly publication about nonhuman primates for scientists who use these mammalogy animals in their research. Archived issues from 1983.

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