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Discussion topics include astronomy, cosmology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, social sciences, health, medicine, history, economics, business, engineering, computer science, math and environmental issues.

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  • Indian Science SciForum - Science discussion board and networking site for science scholars. Boards science include news and research topics in chemistry, biology, physics, math, science biotechnology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, immunology, nanotechnology, engineering, medical and agricultural
  • Scientist Solutions - Discussion board primarily focused on the life sciences and related science fields, intended for and moderated by scientists.
  • Science Forum: Philosophy Physics Metaphysics of Space - Science discussion of physical reality, Space and Matter.
  • InsectHobbyist - An independent online community of Insect and Arachnid hobbyists, businesses, chats and forums keepers, breeders, and organizations. Chat rooms, WebRadio, classifieds, feature chats and forums pages, and lots of forums. Part of the PetHobbyist community.
  • Molecular Station - A forum which includes molecular biology discussions, with chats and forums specific forums for each technique. Also includes biology, chats and forums zoology, science news and general science topics.
  • - Features discussions in the areas of physics, astronomy, math and philosophy.
  • Element Science Community Forums - A place to post about any science-related topic.
  • - Serious discussion about traditional and alternative topics in science.
  • LabRoots - Social networking site that enables scientists, engineers, and chats and forums chats and forums other technical professionals to connect, collaborate with, and chats and forums chats and forums learn from each other.
  • Plastictalk Forum - A plastics discussion forum for the plastics and chats and forums science rubber industry worldwide.
  • Science Chat Forum - An advanced discussion forum for science, philosophy, and chats and forums related matters. Multiple forums, career announcements, and a chats and forums dynamic IRC chatroom.
  • - A community of students, technicians, post-doctorates, and researchers chats and forums chats and forums to have discussions of science, lab-life, careers, and chats and forums chats and forums education.
  • Message Forum - Lively discussion about various aspects of science and chats and forums science medicine.
  • The Science Forum - Discussion topics include astronomy, cosmology, biology, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, chats and forums social sciences, health, medicine, history, economics, business, engineering, computer science, chats and forums math and environmental issues.
  • Survival Blog for Scientists - Professional scientists write about their scientific life with the aim chats and forums of giving others tips on how to survive in science.
  • Science Forums - Many topics covered; for beginners to serious researchers.
  • Nerdy Science Blog - A group of nerds who are passionate about chats and forums science science record their thoughts.
  • - A place to learn and discuss various aspects science of science chats and forums and technology and how they interact.
  • The Science Advisory Board - A global community of life scientists who convene to share knowledge and comment on emerging technologies.
  • Solar Power Forum - Open discussion on solar power systems and other chats and forums chats and forums renewable energy systems.
  • IntellectToday - An intellectual community focused on science and technology, chats and forums chats and forums philosophy and related subjects.
  • Able2Know - Science & Mathematics - Make inquiries about science and math topics, as chats and forums well participate in discussions and debates.
  • SciLife - Online networking, communication and presentation platform specially designed for the needs of researchers who can present their work, groups and resources to potential partners in science and industry.
  • The Science Forums - Active forums covering all areas of science. Everybody chats and forums is welcome, regardless of level of scientific knowledge.
  • Space Alliance - Forum covering space technology, in English and Romanian.
  • Sapo's Joint - A moderated discussion forum focused primarily on hard sciences, with additional topics devoted to the artistic interests of our members. Online Chat and LaTeX support are included.

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