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This set of lecture notes by Brian C. Hall gives an introduction to holomorphic function spaces as used in mathematical physics. The emphasis is on the Segal-Bargmann space and the canonical commutation relations.

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  • Discrete Self-trapping Equation - A bibliography in BibTeX format for those interested in discrete physics nonlinear Schrödinger type equations.
  • Topology and Physics - An essay by C. Nash on the historical connection between science topology and physics.
  • Inexplicable Secrets of Creation - Relationships between number theory and physics.
  • This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics - This is a column written about modern topics science in mathematical mathematical physics physics.
  • Doing Physics with Quaternions - A research effort to see how much of standard physics can be done using only quaternions, a 4-dimensional division algebra.
  • Klaus Brauer's Soliton Page - Presents a history of J.S.Russell\\'s discovery of solitary physics waves, and science animations of one-, two- and three-soliton physics solutions to the Korteweg-de science Vries equation. Includes an physics article in PDF format on finding science exact solutions physics to the KdV equation using the method
  • An Introduction to Noncommutative Geometry - A set of lecture notes by Joseph C. Varilly on physics noncommutative geometry and its applications in physics.
  • Commutative Hypercomplex Mathematics - A commutative algebra, function theory, and system of physics analysis is developed for one 4-D variable (not physics quaternions). It is based upon a commutative physics group ring and extends all of the properties physics of the classical complex variables.
  • Five Lectures on Soliton Equations - A self-contained review by Edward Frenkel of a new approach to soliton equations of KdV type.
  • (UK) North British Mathematical Physics Seminar - Four seminars are held in rotation every year.
  • Euclidean Geometric Transforms for Physics - A new method of correlating physics formulas to physics derive one science formula from a related formula using physics Euclidean geometry to represent science the inter-relationship of physics physics formulas.
  • The Dirac Delta Function - A brief introduction to the properties and uses of the Dirac delta function.[PDF]
  • On Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Truth and Reality - How mathematics exists in the universe and is mathematical physics related to physical reality.
  • Recent Developments in Skyrme Models - An introduction by T. Gisiger and M.B. Paranjape physics to recent, more mathematical developments in the Skyrme physics model. The aim is to render these advances physics accessible to mainstream nuclear and particle physicists.
  • Complex Geometry of Nature and General Relativity - A paper by Giampiero Esposito attempting to give mathematical physics a physics self-contained introduction to holomorphic ideas in general mathematical physics relativity. The physics main topics are complex manifolds, spinor mathematical physics and twistor methods, physics heaven spaces.
  • Non Commutative Geometry - Preprints of Alejandro Rivero about Connes\\'s NCG and the science Standard Model. Also some historical articles on related science topics.
  • On the Origins of Twister Theory - A new approach pioneered by Roger Penrose, starting with conformally-invariant mathematical physics concepts, to the synthesis of quantum theory and relativity.
  • Solitons - Resources at Heriot-Watt University. Meetings, local and other links.
  • Holomorphic Methods in Mathematical Physics - This set of lecture notes by Brian C. science Hall gives physics an introduction to holomorphic function spaces science as used in mathematical physics physics. The emphasis is science on the Segal-Bargmann space and the physics canonical commutation science relations.
  • Period and energy in one degree of freedom systems - An article by Jorge Rezende, University of Lisbon.[PDF]
  • Symplectic Geometries in Quantum Physics and Optics - A comparison of symplectic geometry with Euclidean or mathematical physics unitary physics geometries in quantum physics and optics
  • Mathematical Methods I - This site contains the complete lecture notes and physics homework sets physics for PHYCS498MMA, a course physics of mathematical methods for physics physics given to physics entering graduate students, and senior undergraduates, physics at physics the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  • Hyperreal World - Nonstandard analysis and its applications to quantum physics, science by H.Yamashita. physics Mixed English/Japanese.
  • Twistors- What are they? - A set of notes introducing spinors and twistors.
  • Intrinsic Localized Modes - Dynamics of defect-free periodic lattices in terms of plane wave phonons. Web text by Albert J. Sievers, Cornell.
  • Non Deterministic Approaches - is a free online repository and community physics dealing with mathematical physics uncertainty and variability in applied mechanics physics and engineering that explains mathematical physics the application of probabilistic physics and possibilistic methods in engineering projects.
  • Journal on Applied Clifford Algebra - Journal devoted to the development of Geometric Analysis physics in particular physics through the use of Clifford Algebras, physics Quaternions, Hypercomplex Analysis and physics Multivector Techniques. Main emphasis physics en the applications to Physics.
  • Dimensional Analysis - A simple review of the powerful technique of dimensional analysis.
  • Lectures on Orientifolds and Duality - Notes by Atish Dabholkar on orientifolds emphasizing applications mathematical physics to duality.
  • Differential Equations and Oscillations - Many problems in physics are described by differential physics equations. As a complete discussion of differential physics equations is beyond the scope of this chapter physics we will deal only with linear first physics and second order ordinary differential equations.
  • Local Quantum Physics Crossroads - An international forum for information exchange among scientists mathematical physics working on mathematical, conceptual, and constructive problems mathematical physics in local relativistic quantum physics (LQP).
  • Homological Methods in Mathematical Physics - These lecture notes by Joseph Krasil\\'shchik and Alexander physics Verbovetsky are physics a systematic and self-contained exposition of physics the cohomological theories naturally physics related to partial differential physics equations.
  • Open Problems in Mathematics and Physics - Links to open problems in mathematics, physics and other subjects.
  • Geometry and Duality - Lecture notes from the ITP miniprogram on Geometry and physics Duality

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