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Journal of nuclear physics and particle physics, published by Elsevier Science. Papers available by subscription, table of contents accessible free.

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See Also:
  • Physics Letters B - Journal of nuclear physics and particle physics, published publications by Elsevier particle Science. Papers available by subscription, table publications of contents accessible free.
  • Fields - Free comprehensive graduate textbook on quantum and classical physics field theory.
  • Physical Review D, Journal - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. Full papers only available publications on subscription. However, abstracts of papers accessible by everybody.
  • CERN Document Server - Over 430,000 bibliographic records and 170,000 fulltext documents about CERN and high-energy physics. Covers preprints, books, periodicals, reports, and photographs.
  • The Neutrino Oscillation Industry - A complete list of experiments studying neutrino oscillations
  • KISS - KEK Information Service System; preprint database at KEK.
  • CERN Courier - Magazine for particle physicists.
  • Los Alamos Science - Journal that provides a forum for scientists and engineers at Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  • CERN Preprint Server - Preprints organized by month.
  • Beam Line - Quarterly periodical of particle physics, at SLAC.
  • Particle Physics - Experimental endorsement and alerting service, lists preprints selected physics by experts; stopped updating in 1997. Also books physics for sale.
  • Physical Review Letters Online - Full papers only available on subscription. However, abstracts physics of papers publications accessible by everybody.

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