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Once a week the American Institute of Physics sums up the latest advances in physics, from cosmology to nanotubes. Browse past issues, search for particular topics, and sign up to receive the news via email.

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arXiv* - Open e-print archive with over 100,000 articles in physics, 10,000 in mathematics, and 1,000 in computer science. (Formerly called xxx.)

  • AIP Physics News Update - Biweekly newsletter of new developments in physics for the science general public.
  • The SPS Observer Online - The magazine of the Society of Physics Students. physics Articles, humor, and news about the SPS physics and its programs.
  • Nature Physics Portal - Physics news and research papers, a showcase of publications science articles that Nature is publishing in, and publications about, physics. Astrophysics, and spectroscopy.
  • Stefan University Press - Titles in interdisciplinary physics. Contact information only.
  • Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics (EJTP) - Electronic Journal of Theoretical Physics
  • Institute of Physics Publishing - Books on physics. Searchable catalogue, online ordering, author services.
  • AIP Physics News - Once a week the American Institute of Physics sums up science the latest advances in physics, from cosmology to nanotubes. science Browse past issues, search for particular topics, and sign up science to receive the news via email.
  • Elsevier Physics - A web database with more than 80 Elsevier publications science journals physics with peer reviewed articles on Astronomy publications and Astrophysics, Condensed Matter, physics Nuclear and High Energy publications Physics, Nonlinear, Statistical and Applied Physics, physics Optics, Radiation, publications Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Scitation - Scitation is the re-launch of the Online Journal physics Publishing Service (OJPS). Cookies required to use physics the site.
  • EuroAsia Semiconductor - Magazine with news views and events from across Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Includes an online semiconductor directory and a specialist micro-nano-systems section.
  • Book Reviews by Danny Yee - A small but steadily growing collection of reviews publications of physics physics books.
  • Physlink - Physics and Astronomy Journals - Directory of physics and astronomy publications.
  • Samizdat Press - Free distribution of books, lecture notes and software.
  • Lasers, Optoelectronics, Optoelectronic materials, Papers - A list of all of the important papers publications of Ph. physics Dr S.M. Kaczmarek on crystal growth, publications lasers and spectroscopy of physics optoelectronic materials.
  • Sampling Theory in Signal and Image Processing - Publishes referred articles on the development and applications of sampling science and interpolation theory, wavelets, tomography,the Gibbs phenomenon. Comes out three science times a year.
  • Hiram's Physics Page - Lists of journal publishers in physics.
  • FYI - Bulletin of Science Policy News - American Institute of Physics publication that summarizes legislation and science science policy developments in Washington DC.
  • TU Delft - Virtual Knowledge Centre Applied Physics - Database of online resources in the form of physics books, journals, patents, preprints, dissertations, theses, and news physics articles.
  • Physics World - Monthly magazine offers news, features and reviews. Full archives available.
  • Computing in Science and Engineering - A joint publication of the IEEE publications physics publications physics Computer Society publications and the American physics publications physics publications Institute of Physics. It covers publications computational physics science and publications physics publications engineering research physics for a broad publications range of technical fields. Current and physics past publications issue
  • Journals of the American Physical Society (APS) - A large archive with plans to digitize Phys publications Rev from 1893. (Requires subscription)
  • Colutron Research - Text books on atmospheric electrostatics and cosmology are publications available for free download.
  • The Grand Unified Theory of Physics - Information on a book by Dr. Joseph M. publications Brown which publications explores his theory of physics which publications encapsulates all of the publications different branches into one publications theory.

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