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Selected analysis, opinion, features, background and book reviews from international news sources. Includes email updates and links to breaking news sites and sci/tech publications.

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  • The Hindu: Sci Tech - Weekly section of India\'s national newspaper offers news and features.
  • Hygiene - Articles and news stories for European laboratory scientists.
  • SciVee - Science video sharing website used by researchers to upload, view and share science video clips and connect them to scientific literature.
  • NOVA: Science in the News - Articles discuss the science behind the headlines. Includes email newsletter and Back to Basics annotated links. From the Australian Academy of Science.
  • Telegraph: Science and Technology - Includes the latestnews plus regular columnists, features, competitions and computer science book reviews.
  • PBS: Science & Nature - Television show companion sites for various science series science and specials, plus web-original sites. USA.
  • MSNBC News: Technology and Science - Offers breaking news along with features about science, news and media news and media space, games and gadgets, tech tools, Tech Talk news and media news and media TV show and special reports.
  • Pravda Science - Top news and feature stories on science and technology from news and media Russian Pravda.
  • ScienCentral News - Independent news bureau offers science and technology reporting science for radio and television. Includes print and video science archives of recent programs including PBS\'s NOVA News science Minutes. [RealPlayer or QuickTime]
  • Education Guardian - Research - Latest news, analysis and commentary includes research findings, news and media sector news, profiles, interviews and special reports.
  • Spectroscopynews - Dedicated news and application resource for laboratory scientists in the news and media field of spectroscopy. Includes news, a forum, product directory and news and media users’ views.
  • The Why Files - Well-researched, educational descriptions of the actual science behind current news stories. From the University of Wisconsin, supported by the National Institute for Science Education of the NSF.
  • ABC News: Technology & Science - News stories along with podcasts, video and blogs. news and media science USA.
  • Los Angeles Times - Science & Medicine - News and story gallery from their own journalists science plus breaking science news from AP and links to science web resources.
  • CBC - Technology and Science News - Top stories, headlines, and indepth coverage from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Let X = X - The official blog of the weekly science, technology, environment and news and media health news radio show, CKCU-FM.
  • SciTechDaily - Selected analysis, opinion, features, background and book reviews from international news and media news sources. Includes email updates and links to breaking news news and media sites and sci/tech publications.
  • Science News Headlines - EarthSky provides links to a range of science news stories from a number of sources.
  • EarthSky - Digital media company. Scientists speak directly to listeners in daily science podcasts.
  • Breaking Science: The Naked Scientists - Each week Dr Chris Smith and his team news and media round up the latest science news and ask news and media experts for their views. They also expose the news and media science myths we take for granted.
  • Bright Hub: Science Technology - Offers in-depth articles on new developments in science news and media science and technology written by experts in their field.
  • Sci-Tech Today - Current news stories from several areas of science news and media science and technology, written for the general public.
  • Thinkers Bebo - Provides links to live news feeds, science and news and media science technology related articles, videos and recommended books.
  • Discovery Channel - News - Features current news stories about science plus video, news and media science fan sites, games, webdcams and an email newsletter.
  • SciDev.Net - News, views and information about science, technology and science the developing science world. Includes articles from other news science sources worldwide.
  • FOX News: Scitech - Features science and technology stories and headlines from science the television network.
  • ABC Online: Science - Presents local and international breaking news and features news and media from The Lab along with details of their news and media TV and radio programs. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
  • United BOINC - Provides news and information about BOINC (Berkeley Open science Infrastructure for news and media Network Computing) software. The science program is a volunteer news and media and grid software that science uses unused computer capacity for helping news and media with research science projects such as SETI.
  • Guardian Unlimited - Science - Latest news and information including a weekly podcast, science opinions, analysis and background from the Guardian and science Observer newspapers plus special reports, interactive guides and science talkboards.
  • The New York Times: Science - Offers news and features about current scientific issues and advances in the earth, life, physical, social and space sciences.
  • The Globe and Mail: Science News - Headline news and feature articles from the Canadian news and media newspaper.
  • BBC News: Science/Nature - Offers news and feature stories plus audio and video programs and clips about the natural sciences.
  • Science Guide - Latest science and technology news from WN Network.
  • PBS NewsHour: Science Reports - Segments on research and technology developments from the news program science include special reports with transcripts and lesson plans plus some science streaming audio and video. Email newsletter.
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