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DStan's main purpose is to develop, facilitate and communicate UK MOD standardization policies, standards, procedures and guidance on standardization issues.

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See Also:
  • Spain - AENOR - Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification. Information on europe standards, training and other services.
  • Slovenia - Slovenian Institute for Standardization - Information on organization, standardization activities and procedures and europe contact information.
  • ELOT. Hellenic Organization for Standardization - Greece. National standardization institute also involved in materials testing, certification of products and services, and the assessment of management systems.
  • Ireland - National Standards Authority NSAI - sandardization organization for the Republic of Ireland
  • Finland - SFS - Suomen Standardisoimisliitto - Finnish Standards Association.
  • Netherlands - NEN - Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut - Netherlands Standardization Institute.
  • Germany - VDI - Professional association of engineers - issues VDI standards organizations (about 1500 organizations to date) in all areas of organizations technology - standards are organizations sold by Beuth Verlag organizations (
  • European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) - Includes background information and a knowledge base.
  • Germany - VDE - Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies - regional (Germany) - europe professional organization of electrical engineers; issues, regional in collaboration with DIN, europe standards for the field regional of electrical engineering. VDE standards are europe sold by regional Beuth Verl
  • UK - National Physical Laboratory - publishes Measurement Good Practice Guides on metrological fields.
  • UK - Defence Standards - DStan\\'s main purpose is to develop, facilitate and communicate UK regional MOD standardization policies, standards, procedures and guidance on standardization issues.
  • European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) - Seeks to produce the telecommunications standards that will europe be used regional throughout Europe and beyond.
  • Germany: DKE - German Commission for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies regional of DIN europe and VDE. Information on DKE\\'s mandate, regional news from the Technical europe Committees, links to related regional organizations and contact information.
  • Italy - National Standards Body - Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione.
  • JISC CETIS: Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards - Represents the UK further and higher education sector regional on these regional international educational technology standards initiatives. Information regional on activities and contact regional addresses.
  • UK - BSI - British Standards Institution.
  • European Cooperation on Space Standardization (ECSS) - European standards organization for space activities. Documents can regional be downloaded regional after free registration. With a discussion regional forum.
  • France: AFNOR - Information about standardization activities and training/certification services.
  • SIS, Swedish Standards Institute - The Swedish member of the international organizations ISO regional and CEN, SIS, develops standards in Sweden and regional offer education and consultation services.
  • The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) - Promotes voluntary technical harmonization in Europe in conjunction organizations with worldwide bodies and its European partners.
  • Germany: DRSC/GASC - The German Accounting Standards Committee (German abbreviation: DRSC) regional develops accounting regional standards for the German Commercial Code. regional Information about its standards regional and meetings.
  • Iceland - Staðlaráð Íslands - Icelandic Council for Standardization. With introduction and catalogue europe search in English.
  • EuroMed Transport Project - EuroMed Transport’s official website, project funded by the regional EU, aiming organizations to policy convergence and harmonisation of regional legislations governing the transport organizations sector in the MEDA regional region.

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