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Maker of the software [email protected] that contains standards relevant for screws, including exportable graphics. Site has listings of the standards covered.

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See Also:
  • IHS Australia - sells Australian and international standards, technical documents and publications, online databases and hardcopy documents.
  • SNIP - Russian building codes - Offers Russian building codes and standards in English.
  • The Standard Shop - UK online shop selling a small number of popular ISO, standard document vendors OSHA and BS standards. With short background information on the standard document vendors standards.
  • ILI Infodisk, Inc. - Sells hardcopy standards documents and access to online standards standards, materials standards and EU legal databases.
  • Tosca Doc - Supplier of BSi Standards and Publications.
  • - sells two CDs with MIL standards in PDF format and standards offers over 200 documents including MIL-STD-1629, MIL-HDBK-217 and MIL-HDBK-338 for standards download.
  • IHS Global Engineering Documents - Distributor of U.S., international and national standards, standard document vendors specifications and technical publications.
  • The ISO17799 Standards Online - Online shop selling ISO 17799 and a small standards number of reference related standards documents.
  • Greborio Software Engineering s.a.s. - Maker of the software [email protected] that contains standards standards relevant for screws, including exportable graphics. Site has standards listings of the standards covered.
  • - Online Technical Information - Pay-per-view and customized search engine for Standards, obsolete standards technical and standards catalog data, and part number search standards engine.
  • NEN-Normshop - the Dutch Standards Shop - Buy Dutch, European and International standards documents.
  • Russian Standards - GOST and SNIP standards vendor.
  • Vintara Standards Store - ISO 9000, 14000, 17799, and other standards documents available for instant purchase and download.

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