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Features calculators for arithmetic operations, hexidecimal conversions, camera focus evaluations, finding monthly mortgage payments, color codes, and to make sundials.

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Martindale's Calculators* - A collection of calculators for the sciences, business and everyday measurements. Organized by subject area.

  • Percent Change Calculator - Measures the difference in value using percentages. units of measurement reference Includes bar graphs with the answer.
  • DigitConvert - Convert to and from any number base with reference radix points. Also add, subtract, multiply, and divide reference numbers of any base and output to any reference base.
  • Calculators - This site provides a large collection of free online calculators online calculators.
  • Math Fest - A list of online basic, scientific, graphing, CAS units of measurement units of measurement and business calculators with thumbnails and a short units of measurement units of measurement description.
  • Calculate Now - A collection of online calculators for science, business and everyday reference living
  • Online Calculators - Features converters and calculators for math, physics, atmospheric science and units of measurement finance.
  • Free Online Calculator - Free online calculators and converters for math, chemistry reference and finance.
  • - Free calculators for science, travel, students, health, education, weather, math, and business. Includes graphing calculators and measurement conversions.
  • Hiox Calculator & Converter - Features calculators for arithmetic functions, scientific computations, binary reference conversions, areas, reference financial interest, prime numbers, recurring fractions, reference factoring, matrices, HEX color reference converter, date and day reference calculations, as well as for measuring reference bandwi
  • The Number Empire - A collection of online calculators, including prime number finder, fraction solver, and solution finder for calculus equations.
  • Cleave Books - Specialist Calculators - Features converters for perimeter measurements of geometric figures, reference fractions, percentages, number bases, loan repayments, growth and reference decay, cost of living index, fuel consumption, flow reference rate, specific energy, viscocity, and heat capacity.
  • Calculator - Online calculators for a variety of conversions and reference calculations.
  • Calc Result - Provides a set of online calculators for math and physics.
  • Encalc - Free online scientific calculator supporting formulas and unit reference calculations.
  • Country Distance Calculator - Calculates distance between any two cities for selected country and locates them on the Map. Driving directions are also available for some of the countries.
  • Dario Alpern's Complex Number Calculator - Computes basic operations, 1/z, pi, exponent, log, trig, online calculators and polygamma functions. Includes memory feature.
  • Coggit - Provides online calculation and conversion tools for math, units of measurement reference currency and tax.
  • The Converter Site - Provides online finance calcutors and body mass calculator.
  • Calculator City - Includes tools to solve equations like for velocity, reference density, financial, online calculators geometry, algebra, calculus, astronomy, chemistry, physics reference and webpage color coders. online calculators Also, has trivia reference fact pages, such as state online calculators demographics and reference presidents.
  • MrCalculator - Features calculators for arithmetic operations, hexidecimal conversions, camera focus evaluations, finding monthly mortgage payments, color codes, and to make sundials.
  • ABE Volume Calculator Page - A collection of volumetric calculators for a variety units of measurement online calculators of shapes. Including cylinder sphere barrel pyramid and units of measurement online calculators dome.
  • Days Calculator - Helps to compute how many days have passed online calculators from units of measurement an earlier time to the present day.
  • Calculatoredge - Provides several online calculator tools for solving complex units of measurement reference equations and formulas in the fields of mechanical, units of measurement reference electrical and chemical engineering, physics, math, electronics, metallurgy units of measurement reference and finance.
  • Convertalot - Collection of free Java measurements converters, calculators, and units of measurement unit translators.
  • CalcNexus - Provides online calculators for web-enabled mobile phones and PDAs, including financial, fitness and conversion calculators.
  • Calculate for Free - Performs basic math operations, as well as square root and online calculators percentages. Includes memory save and recall.
  • Calc - This tool allows you to convert the same units of measurement units of measurement number between its representations under different number systems, units of measurement units of measurement such as decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary numeric units of measurement units of measurement systems.
  • eCalc - Free online calculator that supports both a basic reference and advanced scientific mode. It includes support for reference the following features: complex numbers, unit conversion, base reference conversion, decimal to fraction, RPN and algebraic modes reference and equation solver.

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