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A site promoting the metric system which argues why metric is better and English is worse. Provides an English-metric online calculator.

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See Also:
  • Unit Converter - Conversion tools for different types of units in different languages.
  • Unit Juggler - Provides unit conversion tools for various math and physical units reference in different languages.
  • eFunda: Units and Constants - The index page for units, fundamental constants, and reference currencies.
  • NIST Metric Information and Conversions - Factsheets, regulations and conversion tools. Official site of reference the United States Metric Program.
  • Conversion Metric - Provides a set of unit converters and explanations science of each reference unit.
  • Unit Easy - Provides a set of unit converters with related science information of units of measurement each unit. Also it is possible science to change the number units of measurement system of the result.
  • British Weights and Measures Association (BWMA) - Pressure group opposing compulsory metrication. Political, consumer and transport information, discussion boards and links.
  • English Weights and Measures - History and usage of English/Imperial/customary weights and measures, units of measurement with conversion factors, and pictures. Minims, drachms, pecks, units of measurement bushels, rods, poles, perches, furlongs, ounces, fathoms, pints, units of measurement gallons, nails, chains, chaldrons, tods, crowns, florins,
  • Ask Numbers - Offers a wide variety of unit conversion tools and conversion units of measurement charts for fast lookup.
  • A Converter - Features online conversion tools for math, physics and currency.
  • Unit Conversion - Provides more than 2100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories.
  • The Foot Rule - Convert units from one measure to another (e.g. meters to yards, liters to gallons). A very extensive collection of units and categories. Includes usage and definitions descriptions of units and categories.
  • Metric Scale - Explains with many examples the question of "What do ppm, units of measurement ppb, ppt and ppq stand for?". Includes illustrated examples of units of measurement sizes in the metric system, from ters- to pico-.
  • Unit Conversion and Reference Tables - Features converters for physical constants, SI units, temperature, currency, and temperature.
  • Online Conversion - Offers conversion tools for length, volume, temperature, astronomical, clothing sizes, units of measurement computer bytes, cooking measurements, time zones, density, energy, finance, flow units of measurement rates, force frequency, and some fun pages.
  • Units of Measurement - Conversions and equivalences of the principal units of science measure of science the SI and Anglo-Saxon systems.
  • Unit Conversions - Online conversions from physics units to other physics units. Includes units of measurement a comprehensive set of units with definitions.
  • Convert Center - Provides online unit converters
  • iAgora Conversions - Converts temperature, currency, length, and mass.
  • Convertworld - Interactive multi-lingual conversion calculator for a wide variety reference of units.
  • How Many? - A dictionary of units of measurement: explanations of units of measurement science the metric system, System Internationale (SI), English customary units of measurement science system, and other modern measuring systems. Plus extensive units of measurement science links to other measurement-related Internet resources.
  • WWW Unit Converter - Converts area, density, energy, force, length, mass, power, reference pressure, speed, reference temperature and volume, bits and bytes.
  • UK Metric Association - Pressure group campaigning for the completion of metrication reference in the units of measurement UK. History, legislation, and practical help.
  • Live Currency Converter - Provides a free online currency converter and the science table of science different exchange rates
  • International System of Units - Definitions of SI units and SI prefixes, units units of measurement outside the SI, rules and style conventions, historical units of measurement context for SI units, international aspects of the units of measurement SI, and units of measurement units of measurement units of measurement unit units of measurement conversions.
  • Metric Conversions - Provides free online conversion tools, which can be reference added to science any websites. It also offers metric reference conversion tables for download science and print.
  • Smart Conversion - Offers online unit conversion and calculation tools with units of measurement science corresponding math formulas. Plus conversion validation and unit units of measurement science lookup tools.
  • Sensible Units - Converts various units to more tangible units or objects.
  • Convert-Me - Metric, English old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical and astronomical conversions.
  • All Measures - Conversion table of non-metric measures into SI reference and CGS.
  • Convert It - Features converter tools for measurement, currency exchange, world science time zones, science time, finance, driving distance, Roman science numerals, atmosphere, and science body mass index. science Also, has a basic calculator and science periodic table.
  • National Weights and Measures Laboratory (UK) - Official imperial-to-metric conversion tables.
  • The Metric System - Outline of the metric system with emphasis on science applications in physics.
  • The Converter Site - Includes online conversion and calculation tools. Possible to reference change the precision of the result.
  • Metric Conversion Tables to Imperial Measurements - Standard-to-metric conversion factor tables with definitions, derived units reference and prefixes.
  • EngNet Engineering Units Converter - Online calculator provides conversions between a number of units of measurement common (and not so common) units.
  • Chinese Numbers - Put in a number and get the Chinese representation of reference that number. Also, converts from Arabic numeral back to reference the Chinese form.
  • Metric 4 US - A site promoting the metric system which argues why metric reference is better and English is worse. Provides an reference English-metric online calculator.
  • SI Guide - Provides translation of unit and prefix names for units of measurement the international metric system (SI) into various languages. units of measurement For some, transliterations are also given.
  • Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents - Physics laboratory of the National Institute of Standards units of measurement and Technology (NIST) sponsors and maintains this reference units of measurement resource of CODATA-recommended values of fundamental physical restraints.

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