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A category for discussion, both for and against, of the theory that the Great Pyramids of the Giza Plateau are built to reflect the stars of Orion's Belt.

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  • Archaeoastronomy, Astrology & Ancient Egypt - A consideration of the role of the Pyramids in a alternative astronomical plan for Giza
  • The Truth About Orion - A critical astronomical discussion of the Orion Correlation Theory.
  • Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations - Giza as a complex starchart, plus information regarding orion theory the Narmer Plate.
  • The Orion Zone - The Orion Zone takes the star correlation theory evidenced at Giza and applies it to the Four Corners region of the American Southwest. Site contains many photos, diagrams, and links.
  • Orion Correlation - An analysis of the geometric correlation between ancient architecture and the constellation of Orion
  • My Discovery of the Oldest Stone Star Map of Orion's Belt - Article from Irish researcher describes his findings and orion theory comparison archaeoastronomy with the Boyne Valley mounds in Spain. orion theory Includes drawings.
  • Atlantis Reborn Again - Archaeological analysis of the controversial theories of Graham alternative Hancock and orion theory Robert Bauval. BBC Horizon web site.

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