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Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray.

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  • Mysteries of History Solved! - The Massey twins present their original research on the Phaistos alternative Disk, the Kensington Stone and other ancient mysteries. Includes details alternative of an ebook describing the complete decipherment project.
  • How to survive 2012? - All the facts about the coming pole shift alternative in relation archaeology to the ancients Egyptians and Maya.
  • Analyzing the Vinland Map - Interactive presentation of evidence in chemistry, cartography, pigments, and archeology, social sciences bearing on the question of the authenticity (or lack of social sciences it) of the allegedly 15th-century map showing "Vinland".
  • Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association - Includes comprehensive information on the subject of astroarchaeology social sciences and alternative extraterrestrials on earth. Very connected to Erich social sciences von Däniken alternative and his ideas.
  • Blekinge's Most Ancient Runic Inscriptions - Örjan Svensson presents a new interpretation of remarkable alternative Old Futhark alternative inscriptions in Blekinge, Sweden, in the alternative light of Kjell Aartun\\'s alternative assertion that Old Futhark alternative inscriptions are manifestations of a Semitic alternative fertility cult.
  • The Signposts Perspectives: 700 Million BC - 50,000 BC - A timeline of facts and possibilities regarding lost social sciences civilizations social sciences and technologies, prehistoric catastrophism and evolutionary social sciences twists.
  • Indo-European Origins and Geography - An alternative, interdisciplinary view on the problem with a detailed map showing possible Indo-European migration routes.
  • The Great Pyramid and the Bible - Chronology from the beginning of Creation to the alternative end of social sciences the World
  • The Amazons of Lemnos - Connections between Amazonian myth and the Greek island archaeology Lemnos.
  • Satellite Discoveries - Analyzes satellite imagery for the use of archaeological social sciences discovery. archaeology Underwater objects, Giza face and the like.
  • 2012 - Daily science news from an alternative viewpoint - topics include social sciences archaeology, cataclysms, ancient mysteries, cosmic rays and evolution.
  • MOM and Atlantis, Mammoths, and Crustal Shift - From the Talk.Origins newsgroup archive, disputing the "facts" archaeology of The archaeology Mysterious Origins of Man tv series
  • Farshores Ancient Dimensions - Regular updates of news and articles on the alternative subject of social sciences ancient mysteries, including lost civilizations, out-of-place alternative artifacts, ancient technology.
  • Places of Peace and Power - Photographs, writings and theories regarding sacred sites, power social sciences places, pilgrimage traditions, and ancient mysteries by anthropologist, social sciences photographer, and world traveler Martin Gray.
  • The Noise Room - Rob Speight gathers news and information on modern alternative mysteries, ancient social sciences history and the new research. Affiliate alternative book sales.
  • So, Pyramids, or Something Else? - From Pravda, a joint expedition of Russian and social sciences Uzbek alternative archaeologists has discovered several ancient pyramids in social sciences Uzbekistan.
  • Mathematical Methods of the Historical Dating - Investigation of the correctness of the historical dating archaeology developed using archaeology mathematical and computer based methods.
  • Mythology's MythingLinks: Land: Sacrality & Lore - Collection of links to sites featuring sacred landscapes, social sciences stone social sciences circles, labyrinths, spiral mounds and mountains.
  • Pharoah Hercules - Herodotus wrote about Hercules as being Ethiopian and alternative Egyptian in alternative origin. This book excerpt reveals that alternative Hercules was actually of alternative African descent.
  • Mysterious Places - Mali, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Chichen Itza, and other social sciences ancient alternative civiliations and sacred sites in a visually social sciences stunning and alternative thought provoking site.
  • Mysteries of Ancient History and Archaeology - Follow the traces of the famous Amazons, the ancient history of Malta and the enigmatic culture of the Berbers
  • LexiLine - Original ideas regarding ancient civilizations, archaeoastronomy, Stonehenge and alternative biblical mysteries.
  • Mysterious Earth - is a web-log of myriad investigations into civilization\'s forgotten alternative past.
  • Sussex Archaeology and Folklore - Covers the archaeology, earth mysteries, ghosts and folklore alternative of the county of Sussex, England in great alternative detail.
  • Polynesian Pathways - Article by Peter Marsh explores the origins of the people alternative of Polynesia. Includes a location map.
  • Edo Nyland's Linguistic Archaeology - Some new ideas about the origins of many archaeology of the languages of the world and the archaeology whereabouts of Odysseus. In depth articles.
  • Earthlore Explorations - Cultural legacies of our world. Features include alternative gothic dreams, earthlore from Ireland, mythic worlds, mysteries alternative of lost and hidden histories.
  • Megalithomania - Annual conference dealing with megaliths, lost civilisations and earth mysteries. social sciences Includes gallery, information about speakers and reviews of past events. social sciences Held in Glastonbury, England.
  • Earth Mysteries - The term Earth Mysteries, coined in the early 1970s, is alternative today used to describe a multi-disciplined or \\'holistic\\' approach to alternative the study of ancient sites and landscapes. It tends to alternative fall largely outside the accepted range of mainstream research and alternative is gener
  • Stone Coins Tools and Weapons Discovered in Ludhiana India - Indian veterinarian\'s illustrated interpretation of items he has collected.
  • The Solomon Series - Provides information on a project, videos and book social sciences series that claims to solve historical, scientific, theological social sciences and Biblical mysteries.
  • Doug's Archaeology Site: Skeptical Views of Fringe Archaeology - A skeptical archaeology site. It contains references to alternative other sites and articles not found elsewhere which alternative expose \'cult\' or \'fringe\' archaeology.
  • Museum of Unnatural Mystery - Are there really flying saucers? What killed the dinosaurs? Is there something ancient and alive in Loch Ness? The Museum takes a scientific look at these, and other, questions.
  • The Daily Grail - Descriptive links to news items concerning esoterica, including social sciences ancient mysteries.
  • Aspects of the Ancient Past - Ian Alex Blease is critical of author Graham social sciences Hancock\\'s alternative theories of a lost civilisation and views social sciences Atlantis as alternative a metaphor.
  • Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies - Online editions of the bi-monthly Science Frontiers digest, produced by alternative William R. Corliss
  • Paleolithic Art Magazine - Promotes acknowledgment and interpretation of paleolithic art everywhere in the archaeology world, and of the origins of Man. In English and archaeology Italian.
  • The Talk.Origins Archive: Catastrophism FAQs - Arguments for and against Catastrophic theories
  • Easter Island - Featuring the island in the South Pacific with the big archaeology weird statues. Did the inhabitants of the island do that archaeology or did space aliens leave the statues as a marker?
  • Archaeological Forgeries - Shinichi Fujimura, the Vinland Map, the Piltdown Man, Kensington Stone, social sciences and other archaeological fakes.
  • The Sacred Landscape - Catherine Yronwode\\'s collection of illustrated essays on sacred social sciences sites, sacred geometry, archaeoastronomy, and vernacular sacred architecture.
  • MOM and Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1532 - Disputing the "facts" of The Mysterious Origins of social sciences Man archaeology tv series, with references
  • Archaeological Cover-ups - Evidence of anomalous archaeological artifacts from around the alternative world.
  • World Mysteries - Explore lost civilizations and cultures, mystic places, social sciences sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Biographies social sciences of popular proponents of alternative theories.

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