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Modern day stone circle building. The group encourages and promotes the creation of sacred spaces and environmental art for the purposes of world peace and planetary healing.

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See Also:
  • Ancient Celtic New Zealand - A book about New Zealand, of an archaeo-astronomical nature, concerning alternative ancient Celtic, pre-Polynesian inhabitants, showing stone and astronomical observatories that alternative relate to Stonehenge.
  • Metalithic Grids, Blood & Cannibals on Mars - A theory about a global grid of megaliths archaeology and how alternative its architects could have been Martian archaeology gods who sacrificed humans alternative at the sites and archaeology fled the earth before the biblical alternative flood.
  • Heathen Monuments - Legends and tales of numerous standing stones and archaeology other Pagan monuments
  • Ancient Ireland, Unexplained Mysteries, Pyramids, Megaliths - Examines construction similarities between Ireland\\'s megaliths of 3500BC alternative and Egypt\\'s pyramids. Includes images of the winter alternative solstice at the Newgrange megalithic site.
  • Mystery Hill: America's Stonehenge? - Illustrated description of a megalithic site 40 miles north of megaliths Boston, USA, with theories of its builders and use, from megaliths The Museum of Unnatural Mystery.
  • Earth Rod - A documentary film company based interested in megalithic landscapes. Photo gallery, art gallery, mazes.
  • Dolmen Restorers from the Future - A group of enthusiasts who believe that dolmens archaeology are a part of world history and who archaeology aim to preserve and restore this heritage.
  • Stonehenge Clones and Metaphorms - Stonehenge has given rise to many replicas in the United States of America. Pics and information.
  • Needles Of Stone - Web-publication of a 1970s book by Tom Graves archaeology which proposed a purpose for stone circles, standing archaeology stones and megalithic remains - from a dowsing/acupuncture archaeology viewpoint
  • The Sacred Island - Chambered cairns, mythology, astronomy and megalithic art of archaeology Ireland.
  • The Geo Group - Modern day stone circle building. The group encourages alternative and promotes alternative the creation of sacred spaces and alternative environmental art for the alternative purposes of world peace alternative and planetary healing.

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