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Proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient peoples and cultures are based on actual events, as described in his 1950's books Worlds in Collision and Earth in Upheaval.

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  • Sitchin, Zecharia - Author of The 12th Planet and several other archaeology books in alternative the Earth Chronicles series, Sitchin argues archaeology that the deities of alternative the ancient Near East archaeology were real, live ancient astronauts.
  • Hancock, Graham - The official Graham Hancock site, in which the author aims archaeology to document evidences for lost civilizations.
  • The Official Robert Lomas Website - The bestselling author Robert Lomas\\' official website, featuring in-depth information popular authors on his books, including additional linked material and resources.
  • In the Hall of Maat - In-depth analysis of claims made by alternative history alternative authors, especially Graham Hancock.
  • Alford, Alan F - The official website of Alan F. Alford, author of books covering ancient mythology, mysticism and the origin of world religions.
  • Cremo, Michael - Companion site for the author of "Forbidden Archaeology".
  • Cold Atlantis - A site looking skeptically at the claims made by Graham Hancock in 'Fingerprints of the Gods?'
  • Wild Side of Geoarchaeology - Investigates the geological claims of best-selling authors, e.g. Graham Hancock archaeology and Rand Flem-Ath; hypotheses involving earth crustal displacement, pole shifts, archaeology and other type of catastrophism; and out of place artifacts archaeology (OOPARTS).
  • Velikovsky, Immanuel - Proposed that many myths and traditions of ancient popular authors peoples and cultures are based on actual events, popular authors as described in his 1950\\'s books Worlds in popular authors Collision and Earth in Upheaval.

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