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Bible code hints that Lehi brought the Ark of the Covenant with him. Alphabetics code hints that it now hidden in Sanpete Valley.

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  • The Mysterious Lost History of Alexander the Great - Etext by Angelo and Patricia Spiropoulos, connecting Alexander with Biblical archaeology and Greek figures of legend.
  • The Role of Paradise - Follow the sevenfold path that led to the archaeology discoveries of biblical the ancient foundations of our origins, archaeology finding the fragments of biblical truth in books of archaeology religion.
  • Earlier than the Noah Tale - Mesopotamian flood stories which pre-date the Bible. Photos of archaeology clay tablets, map, satellite photo.
  • Bible Discoveries - Articles on biblical antiquities and ancient writings by alternative T.V. Oommen.
  • Was Mt. Sinai a Volcano? - Suggests a connection between volcanic activity in northwest biblical Arabia and the story of the exodus.
  • Mount Sinai Has Been Found - Archaeological evidence at Har Karkom tell the story of a archaeology sacred mountain in the desert of Exodus, which reflect with archaeology surprising precision the events and conditions described to us in archaeology the Old Testament.
  • Edenics - Proposes that Hebrew is the original language of archaeology man, and biblical influences all other languages.
  • Moses Magic Ark - Explores evidence suggesting that he Ark of the biblical Covenant was a powerful electrical capacitor.
  • Mark's Atheist Page - Investigates Genesis, Sumerians and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Ancient Days - Information on the research being done by archaeologist Dr. David Livingston based on the belief that the Bible is God\\'s Word and is relevant today.
  • Biblical Archaeology, Search and Exploration Institute - Dedicated to the quest for archaeological evidence to archaeology help validate the Bible. Programs, newsletter. Discussion of archaeology Mt. Sinai, Noah\'s Ark, Ark of the Covenant.
  • Biblical Events Re-Interpreted - Ideas about ancient advanced civilizations, and the fate biblical of our civilization, from TV documentary maker Edward biblical Furlong.
  • Dead Sea Scrolls - A casual introduction, based on books by Barbara Thiering.
  • The Jupiter Project - An astroarchaeological investigation of the Great Pyramid and alternative the biblical alternative Star of Bethlehem.
  • The Lost Cities of Dalamatia and Dilmun - These lost cities are described in the Urantia archaeology Book and through the books of religion and archaeology other Sumerian texts. Provides photographs of strange anomalies archaeology in the Persian Gulf which may provide an archaeology answer.
  • Los Lunas Decalogue Inscription - Site near Los Lunas, New Mexico, with rock alternative inscription described biblical as the Ten Commandments in Hebrew.
  • Ancient Ark of the Covenant - According to Jewish tradition, the ancient ark of biblical the covenant alternative is buried under the temple mount. biblical Brief article by Zev alternative Kassman.
  • King David Was a Nebbish - Article by Laura Miller from describing the biblical impact of archaeology on the historical veracity of biblical the Bible.
  • The Lost Tribes of Israel - Theorizes that the indigenous peoples of the Americas alternative are descendants of the so-called Lost Tribes of alternative Israel.
  • Ark of the Covenant in Utah? - Bible code hints that Lehi brought the Ark of the alternative Covenant with him. Alphabetics code hints that it now alternative hidden in Sanpete Valley.
  • Lost Tribes Of Israel - Independent, or alternative views and interpretations of who, alternative what and alternative where these tribes may be.
  • Mysteries of the Bible - Torah Codes, Lost Tribes, Dead Sea Scrolls, and biblical Biblical Legends.
  • Temple of Solomon - Offers a Kabbalistic analysis.
  • Wyatt Archaeological Research - Site dedicated to Ron Wyatt's archaeological work.
  • Lost Tribes of Israel - Companion site to the Nova documentary on PBS biblical covering anthropological archaeology research, past theories, and other resources.
  • We Are Not Alone - Links exploring the possibility that life originated on biblical Mars; mysterious locales on earth; religious aspects on biblical both topics.

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