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News and articles by Associates for Biblical Research, which organizes excavations and publishes the quarterly "Bible and Spade".

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Abzu* - Guide to Internet resources for the study of the Ancient Near East hosted by the University of Chicago.

  • Near East Archaeological Society - Evangelical organization promoting study and research in ancient Near Eastern references and tools studies, Bible history and archaeology.
  • The LMLK Research Website - Ancient seal impressions found around Jerusalem on jar references and tools handles that may be referring to King Hezekiah references and tools of Judah or God.
  • Archaeology and the Bible - News and articles by Associates for Biblical Research, which organizes excavations and publishes the quarterly "Bible and Spade".
  • BibArch - High Top Media provides an overview of archaeology, bible chronology, news, features, opinions, editorials, glossary. Also sells bible books and magazines.
  • Ugarit and the Bible - Illustrated article about the Bronze Age site, which bible contained important texts pertaining to Canaanite religion.
  • Echoes from Seven Churches - Explore the seven churches of Revelation through interactive maps and bible panoramas. Insights at each church are illustrated with audio and bible video clips (Requires Flash).
  • The Baghdad Museum Project - A non-profit organization with a proposal to help archaeology save the references and tools Iraq National Museum in Baghdad, following archaeology the looting of the references and tools museum in April, 2003.
  • Images of Archaeological Sites in Israel - Albums with images from various sites in Israel, archaeology with the interest centered on archaeological sites that archaeology relate to the Old Testament period.
  • Noah's Ark - Ark researchers share their information on the various archaeology attempts to references and tools locate the famous Biblical vessel. Includes archaeology areas that have been references and tools searched, archimaging, news, resources, archaeology updates and faqs.
  • Dig the Bible - Doyle Lynch describes his experiences as a volunteer, discusses methodology and provides a Biblical archaeology tour of the Holy Land, site includes media reviews.
  • Bible, History and Archaeology - Articles and discussion by the Dutch Foundation for bible Biblical Archaeology.
  • The Threat to World Heritage in Iraq - Assyriologist Nicholas Postgate\\'s list of some of the bible principal historic buildings and archaeological sites at risk bible because of the war Iraq. Includes relevant maps.
  • Cities of Revelation - Craig Koester\\'s virtual tour of cities within the era and references and tools culture in which Revelation was written: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Sardis, references and tools Patmos, Laocidea, Philadelphia and Thyatira.
  • Biblical Archeology - Articles, pictures, downloadable e-texts from the Creation Research bible and Apologetics Society Of India.
  • Ancient Refuge in the Holy Land - An introduction to the Cave of Letters\\' discovery, bible the scrolls, archaeology as well as a discussion of bible the social history of archaeology first century Palestine.
  • The Cultural Heritage of Iraq - A cultural briefing on the past, present, and future of archaeology in the "cradle of civilization".
  • Lost Treasures from Iraq - Images of objects from the Iraq Museum stolen archaeology in the references and tools days following the conquest of Baghdad archaeology by the USA military references and tools forces in April 2003. archaeology Site created by the Oriental Institute, references and tools University of archaeology Chicago, USA.
  • Christian Archaeology - That branch of the science which is the study of references and tools ancient Christian monuments. From the Catholic Encyclopedia.
  • Digging up the Past - Australian David Down\\'s non-profit educational foundation producing archaeology a magazine and journal on Middle-Eastern archaeology, and archaeology offering videos, correspondence course and archaeological tours.
  • Apologetics Press: He Climbed Up the Waterspout - Article about Warren’s Shaft and whether it existed at the bible time of David. Includes a diagram of the shaft.

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