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Historical overview of the mythologies of the Ancient Near East, the Scandinavians and the Celts, including story abstracts and names of deities.

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  • Mythology Notes - Historical overview of the mythologies of the Ancient myths and folktales Near East, the Scandinavians and the Celts, including myths and folktales story abstracts and names of deities.
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  • Age of Fable Or Beauties of Mythology - Online publication of the 1913 edition of Thomas myths and folktales myths Bulfinch's classic.
  • Greek Mythology and Creation Myths - Collection of Greek myths and legends as well as creation myths and flood myths from all over the world.
  • Literature Network - Thomas Bulfinch - Offers biography and a searchable collection of works.
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  • Pantheons - Concise dictionaries of the various divinities from nine literature Eurasian and Middle Eastern pantheons.
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  • Gods, Monsters and Myths - Brief accounts of popular myths and legends from Greece and literature Rome, Egypt, Japan, China, and India.
  • Mythology - Essays on mythology to give insight into what it means myths and folktales to be human.
  • Godchecker - Mythology with a Twist - Explores the quirky side of mythology with humorous literature research, including a Holy Database of the weird literature and wonderful gods from around the world.
  • Mythic Arts - Writings on mythology, psychopomps, death and the afterlife, myths and folktales myths ritual and symbolism, and creativity.
  • Flood Stories from Around the World - Brief description of flood myths from cultures all literature over the literature globe.
  • Mythological Studies - Ancient European mythology and history with art work.

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