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Tourists drove a pickup truck across a section of Peru's mysterious Nazca Lines, damaging at least three of the lines that were etched in desert.

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  • Nazca Lines: Creation of a Full-Sized Duplicate - Re-creation of a 440-foot Nazca figure on a south america Kentucky south america field shows how the Peruvian drawings were south america most likey south america made.
  • Nazca Lines and Ica Stones - Connections between Nazca and the Ica stones - ancient statuettes south america which portray dinosaurs and technical knowledge
  • World Mysteries - Nazca Lines - Presents theories of the meaning of this Peruvian enigma proposed alternative by various writers and scientists. Includes links to related books alternative and resources.
  • Nazca Lines and Culture - Provides information on the enigmatic Nazca Lines of nazca lines Peru and discussions on their origin, with nazca lines many photographs
  • The Nazca Monkey - Scientific Geometry - Proposes that the Nazca monkey is based on nazca lines a alternative geometrical template, which reveals the Golden Section, nazca lines occurring naturally alternative on a regular 5-pointed star.
  • The Mystery of the Nazca Lines - Article by Alan F. Alford suggesting some intriguing new insights into this archaeological enigma.
  • Nazca Lines Virtual Map - The mysterious Nazca Lines from Satellite.
  • Nasca Lines - Overview with numerous pictures and maps
  • Tourists damage Nazca lines - Tourists drove a pickup truck across a section nazca lines of alternative Peru\\'s mysterious Nazca Lines, damaging at least nazca lines three of alternative the lines that were etched in nazca lines desert.
  • The Enigmatic Lines of the Nazca Pampa - A tribute to Maria Reiche, a German mathematician south america who south america dedicated half a century to protecting and south america studying massive south america ancient drawings in the Peruvian desert, south america with lots of south america pictures
  • Skeptic's Dictionary: Nazca lines - A rational look at the wacky theories
  • BBC Online - The Lost City of Nasca - Includes a short article, photos, and a transcript from the alternative BBC documentary.
  • Survive 2012: Nazca Lines - A theory that connects the lines to a alternative global flood, alternative with pics and maps
  • Project Nasca/Palpa - Photogrammetric reconstruction of the geoglyphs of Nasca and Palpa, from nazca lines the Institute of Geodesy and Photogrammetry in Zurich. Similar to nazca lines a 3D view.
  • The UnMuseum - The Lines of Peru - Concise look at what the lines are, and how they may have been made, with a few pictures

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